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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

 October, 2014

The table below contains the energy-building messages for October, 2014. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Oct 31
Key ideas not done yet.
Oct 30
Key ideas not done yet.
Oct 29
Key ideas not done yet.
Oct 28
Key ideas not done yet.
Oct 27
Generating source energy is generating empowerment, no directive or order, a development of creations and the source. You have free-will choice and can experiment with your incarnated being, your Spirit and see what you can accomplish.
Oct 26
When one retains one's Spirit identity as one experiences a 3D world one is more content, aware, creative. You have unique opportunities with each life. What shall this life bring you? This is the perspective of a creator, rather than a follower or a victim.
Oct 25
To set an intent - relax, minimize external inputs and set an intent to strengthen source energy for the best benefit of all. You are recreating yourselves to function in harmony with Source.
Oct 24
It is possible to receive "loud" voices in your mind, imagery-animated, a photograph, a motion picture, kinesthetic sensations, perhaps even a healing or a sense of knowingness, a confirmation of truth. Dreams are also an avenue of connection.
Oct 23
Your incarnated life is a creation by you, nature, Source, Spirit, soul group and so on. Strengthening source energy to receive guidance involves being receptive. One needs quiet, relaxed time to receive. You may notice subtle, clear thoughts that float into one's mind.
Oct 22
You are a unique creation although society may impose pressure to be identical beings. As we send source energy we offer a wakeup call to all. You live in your own world and can create and contribute to the whole.
Oct 21
There are simultaneous realities in your life -- your personality/physical reality, Spirit, soul, particles of matter and energy, and Source. Live your life with these understandings of who you are and the potential that you have.
Oct 20
This energy nourishes us and enlivens our cells. One responds to challenges in uplifting ways, is inspired to be a true creator. Send this energy to others who may be down. Give for the sake of giving. Giving orients one on an uplifting path.
Oct 19
Live in a way that utilizes your internal and external senses. When you sense tension, small emotions, stop, take a breath, gain the observer viewpoint of your Spirit and see what options you have. Guidance is always available.
Oct 18
Why do we experience a 3D life with its temptations, violence and its opportunities? Who are you? These questions have multiple levels as you have multiple external and internal experiences and trying to integrate them.
Oct 17
Your life is not a happening, but a creation. Action and thought create something. Be aware for you will move in these directions. Connecting more to Spirit will help you view with understanding what you are doing/saying/thinking/generating.
Oct 16
Being full of source energy lifts performance pressure to be an important person, which drains one's energy. One can relax, flow and supercharge activities with source energy. Life will be easier, more rewarding and beneficial. .
Oct 15
Strengthened source energy creates connections to other creation,. teamwork, joint projects, flowing in peace, open to learning, listening, and loving. Keeping your center will set the stage.
Oct 14
: Compassion and the small emotions.
Oct 13
This is a time when it is extremely important to cultivate connectedness, Oneness, and compassion for all creations. You have the potential to affect many creations in existence, to jump-start many creations and thus assist the development of a transformed world, a transformed way of living.
Oct 12
Integrating your internal and external realities creates a new world that offers transformation. Spiritually evolved beings are just the beginning of integrating these realities. We encourage you to do this.
Oct 11
When one is connected to Source the negative small emotions disappear and life takes on a totally different character.
Oct 10
Are you a victim or a creator?
Oct 9
Going within, connecting with one's Source, being grounded in one's essence gives one a strong foundation in life. It helps one maintain the observer point of view and minimize small emotions. It gives one a larger overview and more compassion for the challenges people have. You have to shift gears but you can do it
Oct 8
This is an activity of unconditional love, the quality of source energy. Remain aware of the inner sensings of your world. Integrate the inner and outer and maintain your connection to source more. For now this may be somewhat intermittent and this is fine.
Oct 7
: Negative small emotions interfere with source energy and unconditional love. Monitor them. They will fade as you energize other ways of being. As you become more adept at minimizing them, you will become more involved with source energy. You are in transition, moving from habit to a greater understanding
Oct 6
This process expands the 3D state of consciousness and develops another way to live. Pause, be receptive, take another look, consider something more. How many ways can you brush a tooth, wash a dish, look at the sky, or feel the energy flowing in your being?
Oct 5
One can read the potential in everything if one is aware and has a heart filled with unconditional love. The power of your life comes from within. This process lets you get to know yourself in depth.
Oct 4
One is more expanded when one is aware of one's body-mind-Spirit. Unconditional love is more present, although perhaps intermittent. The small emotions can help one gain self-awareness.
Oct 3
When you see yourself as Spirit/Source Energy, how will you relate to others who have a smaller view?
Oct 2
Stretching into Spirit/Source allows you to function more fully as you observe and contemplate both the personality world and the basic energy reality.

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