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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  September, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for September, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
September 30
Meditation is another experience where things are not always what they seem. You go inward in your own individual way and then you expand. It is your personal pathway to Oneness.
September 29
There are multiple transformations occurring. It is your choice how much you are involved and how willing you are to support these transformations. We offer our assistance, our unconditional love, our good ideas to help you along.
September 28
You are creators; use your abilities for the common good. It is not enough to be clever, to be wealthy, to be famous. That is all transitory. What you take with you from one existence to another is what you learn.
September 27
Now as we do this process of stating our intent to strengthen our personal generation of source energy, we place ourselves on a path that is focused on one's essence, primarily, a relaxing peaceful unconditionally loving activity.
September 26
Well, as one focuses on strengthening source energy one shifts from the mind to the heart area, to the sense of peace that is there, a different perspective on living one’s 3D life. The pressure of individual goals lightens.
September 25
You have the mind of Spirit and of the personality. Both have influence over your incarnated life. One is more temporary and one is more eternal. The personality creation is part of the method of functioning in your Earthly reality.
September 24
There is an internet beyond your Earth, the energy internet connecting creations, facilitating communication, sharing information, strengthened energy and strengthening one’s connection to Spirit, to one’s guidance.
September 23
The 3D life is an opportunity to develop one's abilities and then to share with all. It is as though you have traveled to a foreign land and you use another language and communicate with those creations you interact with there.
September 22
Your perception of your source energy is scattered overall. You use your mind, your perceptions, in ways beyond the five senses, that stretch into an expanded state beyond 3D but not losing the 3D. it is more of a hybrid state.
September 21
We are in the process of strengthening your mind to be attuned to internal processes to extend abilities, to expand perceptions of the language of Spirit, of Source, of source energy, of total existence, past/present/future.
September 19
Your physical being can be a guide in your life bypassing confusion in a mind and provide a “gut” reaction, the language of the physical being. If your body says "no" when your mind says "yes" it may be time to stop, to reexamine.
September 18
One may feel that when one leaves this physical vehicle one is finished with this reality but often there is another act to their Earthly play, where they continue focusing mainly on energy, on the basics to assist others in regaining abilities.
September 17
Communication is a key aspect to successful functioning of a group. Ideally you have telepathy. Once you have telepathy you have greater understanding of other beings and possibilities develop for working together.
September 16
If one does not have enough experiences it is difficult to learn. These experiences may seem negative. However, they may bring one to a place which insists they stretch out of their comfort zone to a place to develop further.
September 15
The Earth has had many civilizations, attempts to integrate body, mind, and Spirit, and many losses of those experiments. We have arrived at a time of attempting this integration of body, mind, and Spirit creating together in a 3D environment.
September 14
This thought of what would be for the best benefit of all is a guiding thought giving you a larger perspective so you do not become overwhelmed by situations and blow them out of proportion as small emotions get charged into them.
September 13
You can sense there are teams forming of like-minded creations. It is more of an independent movement away from corporate interests, from private greed, truly utilizing the skills and talents of individual creations.
September 12
When creations connect on a source energy level it is different than on a 3D level, more of a vast, deep connection, not particularly relating to the physical vehicle, a relationship that then can influence the physical vehicle.
September 11
Go within. Practice developing your inner strengthening, a different life, a transformed life, a life that demonstrates what you believe more and more. It is always a process, but you will be able to see your progress.
September 10
Humans are being so challenged because they have lost contact consciously with their Spirit. The physical world dominates. We hope the focus of humanity will be more on the heart and Spirit of life.
September 9
It may seem paradoxical to slow down to cover more ground, and yet this is exactly what can happen. It is utilizing the unseen world more. Becoming familiar with this slower, deeper, connected way of living enhances a life.
September 8
Set your process for living this life, for sharing, for understanding. The word "forgiving" may not have been understood. If you think of "for giving", you turn things around. Your life is a gift to you, and a giving to other creations
September 7
Our society has a fluid way of communicating and understanding one another for the best benefit of all, the strengthening of the individual parts of creation and the strengthening of working together, as teams as a society.
September 6
There is a difference in asking for assistance to help a creation assist itself and to ask for assistance to take care of things, One is cooperative, respecting all concerned; the other is bowing to an outside source to take care of things,
September 5
Within transformations there is a building common collective body of information, All parts of creation add something to the collective and then this collective body of knowledge becomes an assist for future creations.
September 4
If one participates in future sensings we encourage some guiding principles such as wishing to be a clear receiver for this information, and wishing to be guided in how to utilize the information for the best benefit of all.
September 3
Pay attention to your earth’s activities, its nature. Is your earth expressing the idea that being near water may not be wise as a permanent location? It would be worthwhile to listen to the indirect messages of its actions.
September 2
You do not have to figure everything out from a more limited personality point of view. Assistance is available. Moving to a place that does feel within… fine and then functioning from that space is a great assist.
September 1
We encourage you to gain abilities and to contribute in a spiritually unconditionally loving manner to your world, not just considering yourself but the effects that it will have beyond your individual life, so-called.

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