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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  July, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for July, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
July 31
As you develop bigger perspectives and greater source energy you will not need to generate small emotions. The shift will naturally occur. You will become more peaceful, balanced, unconditional loving, more in your natural state of being.
July 30
The pressure is great to conform to corporate greed, become a human guinea pig. You must develop your inner strength to recreate your world in another direction, to develop a spiritually uplifting Earthly transformation.
July 29
You are not cast in concrete with your conclusions, you are still learning. It is all a process on-going, and at times this may seem unsettling, a little uncertain. It is also exciting, an adventure, more learning, more possibilities.
July 28
It may seem grand to have a relationship with extraterrestrial beings, and it is. It is also grand to have relationships with other humans, with plants, animals, insects, all creations. Every moment is a special opportunity.
July 27
We continue in our on-going verbal interaction to make connections, to help you realize how connected everything is and to focus particularly on source energy which is the basis for all creations.
July 26
Now, we have encouraged you to consider each moment as an opportunity to strengthen source energy. It does not matter if it is an important activity or an on-going activity. What is important is that you give to each moment.
July 25
Learning to interact in a more collective, cooperative manner is going to be a high priority in your future life, in your world. It will not be possible to maintain the old beliefs and survive as a species.
July 24
The idea that Earthlings are not alone, that there are many beings in existence, many planets, galaxies is useful, a humbling of understandings for a human ego, helping to create a different view of Earthly life.
July 23
Life is a process ongoing, never finished. One activity flows into another even though you have completed various tasks. They are also part of the flow into the next activity, ultimately into spiritual development,
July 22
You can have a more deliberate part in choosing which states of mind you wish to utilize. It does not have to be happenstance. You can focus on various states. You can set your intent to activate them.
July 21
In every situation you are blending your energy field with others and creating a potential for common activities, blending thoughts that come into one's mind to assist your personal world and the world of others.
July 20
You have a working team you relate to who are on the same path, resonating with the same energies, focused on similar goals. You may never meet in your usual 3D world, but they are there in your energetic 3D world.
July 19
As you go deeper into this meditative state you have a variety of experiences that assist you, for the next time will be easier, quicker and deeper, a progressive learning. Stay alert, receptive, flow with your experience.
July 18
As you live your awake time with the knowledge that there is more than what your physical senses perceive, you can intend to be aware of other realities in ways that would be for the best benefit of all.
July 17
You are attempting to integrate Spirit into matter and gain knowledge, opportunities to create. Find your potentials, use your mind to guide your life and connect with your Spirit and beyond, to your physical being.
July 16
You strengthen connections to off-planet beings. This coming together may produce challenge so continue maintaining your strengthening of source energy. You are not subservient. You are equal beings with opportunities to contribute.
July 15
Source can gain by the new contributions of each creation and not just have repetitive, experiences from one to another as they teach their way. You can learn from others, from us and most of all from your own awareness.
July 14
Once the personality is aware of the Spirit and picks up on its communications, it can pay attention to sights, sounds, thoughts, vibrations, set intents to pick up Spirit messages and utilize them for the best benefit of all.
July 13
Awaken and focus on what you are doing and why you are doing it, for you can wind up in places that do not make sense for you or your planet. You get a fresh eye as you give them more attention. It is easy to drift, not think.
July 12
Not knowing what is coming sets one in a place that at times is exciting, anticipating, concerned, worried, an ever-changing life. Devoting oneself to how one is going to live, building source energy assists activities one chooses.
July 11
While we have a mind, a free will choice to use our part of creation in some way, we have a responsibility in how we use this part of creation. We borrow parts of creation for this lifetime and see what we can create.
July 10
We are exploring the topic of who are you, where your identity lies, and the importance of each identity. All parts of you help to make up you, you, the incarnated being in this time and in this place.
July 9
One may choose to minimize certain inputs to release oneself from that influence and choose to accentuate that which strengthens, encourages, and teaches you. Changes may be subtle, slow, they are moving and developing.
July 8
We promote respect for all creation and for the Oneness, It all plays a part, is valuable in one way or another, whether demonstrating the limitation of steps back or the possibility of steps forward, all learning and understanding.
July 7
Where the field is weakened, one can assist in this subtle way of strengthened energy and sharing, and there is a strengthening of the weakened field. This energy can provide a boost for others.
July 6
We are helping you to focus more on each moment of your life, and this does not mean to give to get, nor to have expectations of others, other than they will be who they are. It is the next moment of your living adventure.
July 5
We can feel the filling of our being - a demonstration of how fields can build with collective beings contributing. There is great creative potential and healing possible with these fields, the fundamental strength in any activity.
July 4
A World Independence Day celebration - independence from hunger, disease, torture, ignorance, being stifled, persecuted. In some sense all life is now endangered on your planet, not respected to some degree.
July 3
Where are we now with your world definitely coming to some crisis points, in fact being involved with them at present? How shall you think about these challenges? How shall; you relate to them?
July 2
You are faced with huge challenges that need to be addressed by many, not a few. It is perhaps a round-about way of gaining cooperation among creations for the best benefit of all. It is learning in a very challenging way.
July 1
Imagine incarnating again for you to understand how the process of creation develops, to have responsibility for one’s life, for you have contributed to existence. Your contributions remain, not end when an incarnation ends.

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