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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  June, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for June, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
June 30
In this meditation we tap into a way of living and strengthens our ability to continue it into our other activities. It is part of our transformation to do this. And a smile comes easily to one's mouth in this state. One feels expanded.
June 29
We assist you to come into your own, develop your abilities, have more self-confidence, and understand who you really are, not just a body-mind for a limited period of time. You are on-going, expanding, with great potential.
June 28
Continue setting an intent to perceive and utilize for the best benefit of all subtle guiding inputs into your life. It is so easy to miss them. They are like doorways to bigger pictures, greater abilities. They are openings for you.
June 27
We continue to encourage you to see the connections with all things, to feel the energetic pathways that you share, to participate in the 3D life as a partner of many teams for the best benefit of all.
June 26
The conscious mind is a guide for your life, a decision-maker. It needs guidance for wise decisions. You function in your life as a team with Spirit; personality, body/mind, 3D world, Soul group members, teammates to interact with.
June 25
The body has easily learned to tune in to source energy resonance. The mind, however, is busy with inputs, thoughts, possibilities. As we speak words we draw in thoughts about purpose in one's life beyond 3D survival goals.
June 24
Living on a manufactured planet you do not have extremes of weather. Having chosen to live on a planet, how do you relate to disturbances? Keep your center, avenues for guidance open. Be aware of guiding messages.
June 23
At the same time that you are progressing, similar pathways are being walked by others -- humanoid and non-humanoid, animate and inanimate. It is a development of creation, one might say, all kinds of creation.
June 22
Prepare mentally and physically for survival situations, and for your spiritual strengthening so that you can draw on your inner strength and guidance through challenging times. Of course they will not last. It is an evolution.
June 21
You are building a doorway for other ways to function and yet stay connected to your 3D world. And this process that we suggest is very safe and easy and accessible to you wherever you are.
June 20
What is it that we would get out of our relationship with you? We would benefit by being exposed to beings with extra abilities and the influence that that would have on us and creation in general.
June 19
Our source energy has produced an upliftment for our body and mind. We function in a receptive way to our guidance, more aware, in the present moment, not drifting. We are closer to our source, tuned in to another level.
June 18
We have been relating to your world for hundreds of years so it is a challenge to just focus on your present time. We are not directly connected to Galactic organizations, we are connected unofficially energetically.
June 17
The demands of those on other paths may become demanding that you follow their wishes. You know there is a bigger vision for your world. You intend to live in ways for the best benefit of all, to get guidance to assist you.
June 16
You must develop your spiritual side in this 3D life to continue functioning in an uplifting manner. It is not a light subject to dismiss. In our opinion it is a requirement to function in an uplifting manner in your future times.
June 15
To be oblivious of Spirit, the on-goingness of reality, our source and source energy is a huge handicap in living in a 3D world. We are attempting to turn this around, to create greater awareness mentally and energetically.
June 14
This general goal is a guideline that is implemented through each step we take, what energy we use, good ideas we share, creations we make, how we feel, the strengthening of our source energy and our connection to the whole.
June 13
As we continue strengthening source energy we become more centered, balanced beings. We flow through whatever experiences we encounter. We have faith, knowingness, on this path of upliftment in a slow progression.
June 12
Parts of our being are focused on our physical life. We have larger teams who work for goals beyond the individual. The bigger life has less detail but more energetic strength, a pathway to greater abilities, connection to source.
June 11
Your mind easily becomes involved with various circumstances, its nature to do this, to learn, explore new ways of being, but it may get lost not realizing the energies that are generated in these activities has shifted elsewhere.
June 10
You have an acceleration in opposite directions. What is in the middle is on hold, distracted by various entertainments and responsibilities. This middle group has potential and if awakened could support one of these extremes.
June 9
Pay attention to inner guidance to learn how these communications are made, whether you sense a thought in your mind, words, or an inclination, a kinesthetic sensings, vibration, sense of euphoria, light, visions.
June 8
We alert you to possibilities of your future that are challenging. We also say there are the possibilities that are uplifting, awe-inspiring, quite the opposite. You have the contrast then. You can see things very clearly then.
June 7
The joint energy field continues to strengthen. There is a cumulative affect whether there are more on one day or another that are giving to this field consciously, it still builds. It is there when we come back to add to it.
June 6
Even though your human experiment is taking many steps back, there will come a time when steps forward will come easily, wisdom will be readily available, that you will know in your heart the bigger truths of your world.
June 5
As you have internal energy fields so do other creations. You will find some of these energy creations to be compatible, something you can resonate with producing a team effect where you can join others for common purposes.
June 4
We have reached a place of considering what energies one is generating and choosing and intending to create that which would be for the best benefit of all, including ourselves, of course.
June 3
Since a meditative state will maintain one's focus on source energy it is useful to maintain this in other activities so one can have a state of peace, calm and ideally unconditional love and be in a different 3D experience.
June 2
You can be involved with creations energetically. Beings can speak to inanimate creations as if they can understand. And at times it seems they do. They respond. They connect to your energy.
June 1
This process also gives us the renewed awareness of living a process, that we take some action and it flows, and we have engaged in various activities and then come back and strengthen and breathe and flow.

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