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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  May, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for May, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
May 31
In using the conscious mind this way there is a stretch. You’re going past main stream belief systems and perhaps even going past some metaphysical belief systems, for we do stretch integration rather than separation.
May 30
There are times when one feels connected to another creation or an activity, that the resonance is in harmony, they support one another well. This is what you are looking for, that more creations have this relationship and be drawn together to create.
May 29
We have attempted to encourage you to some extent that if there should be an intermission in the development of life on your world that the DNA is preserved, the experience can continue at a later time.
May 28
Your base is your source energy, what enlivens, makes possible your 3D existence, like an umbilical cord to the Oneness into this reality. You are attempting to assist a birth of your world, your personal world and your Earthly world.
May 27
Once you shut your eyes and do not think about seeing something it gets easier to connect with that which is beyond your visual range. You go within and you are not limited in your connections. When eyes are open it is more distracting.
May 26
Although one's deeper, inner world is invisible to your ordinary 3D world, you know of its existence as you share and jump-start its source energy. Others can sense something, sense a more up-beat way of living, of relating to one another.
May 25
One can have a variety of experiences, awe, unconditional love, anticipation, flowing, peace, It is a sign of something special, something worth paying attention to, cultivating. They go way beyond the ordinary experiences.
May 24
This experiment is being run over and over again to figure out how a 3D being can retain more of their prime identity and still develop in a 3D environment. Genetic developments may assist. It is a grand experiment.
May 23
This is a stretched point of view, that you do not just think of your 3D self, you think of context, others who are part of the Oneness. Life, if one is to grow involves flexibility, stretching, understanding one’s connection to a very expanding world.
May 22
Our answers may not be similar to other sources. We are careful to strengthen you, help you expand your abilities, access more information and guidance. This is the most empowering thing that we can do along with a resonating jump-start.
May 21
You may not see how to get from here to there. To get into specifics will involve taking some steps, and we would not suggest specifics because it will take many steps from different beings. It is a collective kind of action.
May 20
It takes a very clear head and energy to maintain one's self in full capacity for creating and giving in your world. We have attempted to give you an assist in this way, an encouragement, and a support for your potential.
May 19
Your contribution to your life and the life of your world and beyond at this time. is not to think in terms of fame and fortune. It is to think in terms of service, giving, and not giving as a duty, but giving more as an inspiration.
May 18
It is a time to jump-start ourselves further. We say “we” because we jump-start ourselves as we assist you. It cannot be any other way for when one is involved with strengthening this source energy one strengthens oneself.
May 17
No matter what activity you are involved with you have this opportunity to assist in the jump-starting of others and the strengthening of your whole world and even beyond.
May 16
This is a transformative process, a regaining process. When you incarnated you lost some connections to your basic identity. We are helping you bring this back. We are helping you to utilize it in your reality at this time.
May 15
One has the opportunity to guide this energy, to focus it on various activities, to focus it in various places, creating a life that is more planned, rather than happenstance, a life that is more guided, more thoughtfully created.
May 14
You can play a thought experiment out in various ways, different methods of living, thinking, giving, you have the clear perspective on figuring out how to use this incarnated life in the most uplifting ways possible for you.
May 13
You are incorporating the energy field into your 3D process and many amazing things can happen so easily. There is no struggle or strain or worry. There is a flowingness, a sense of peace, calm, the basic state of our being.
May 12
As you think about giving you receive so much more. It is the natural way of being. The mind begins to flow more, relaxed, not so worried or tense or competitive but more in flowing state of its own. This is a path of peace.
May 11
We often reach a place where what we feel, sense, wish to communicate goes beyond words, steps into a reality beyond 3D, and yet we experiencing it. We may not understand our 3D world, but can flow and feel uplifted and expanded.
May 10
When you do not get ensnared in small emotions everything gets easier. They are like booby-traps, tend to generate past experiences, unfinished business, without entanglement in them they fade, take a more proportionate place in your life.
May 9
You are, incarnated into a physical form with limitations, using a mind which also has limitations and attempting to function in a society with many other beings with similar advantages and disadvantages. It gets complex.
May 8
Use the inspiration of mothers to illustrate connecting and nurturing one another regardless of relationships, species. Adopt this day as an inspiration of the interconnectedness of all things, the Oneness that gives to us all.
May 7
You need quiet time, day-dream time, the intent to receive guidance. It may not come as a loud voice. It may be subtle. Set your intent to be able to pick it up. If you feel nothing is happening, reset your intent. Relax. Give yourself time.
May 6
We know that other creations have talents, abilities and can perceive many things. If we develop communication with them, we have increased our conscious awareness, we have increased possible choices that we could make.
May 5
Incarnating and losing that Spirit connection consciously, then regaining it consciously seems like an off-and-on existence. We encourage an integration of these worlds and your world will function differently.
May 4
There are times when not knowing the developing probabilities is useful, for one is not distracted by other paths. One remains consistent in developing one's life, one's Earthly world from within, not from without quite so much.
May 3
At times you will find that you feel somewhat stumped, not knowing how to relate to your world. When you tune in to this essence of yourself, you gain clarity, guidance, encouragement to build this incarnated life that you have.
May 2
This incarnated form that has developed for our Spirit in this life is a new version of our incarnated life, a new experiment in living an incarnated life giving us new perspectives, experiences, abilities to utilize in a 3D world.
May 1
You exist in a world where your consciousness, Spirit, the source is on-going, gives life energy to creations. Experience enlivens those creations and moves on. Your world that seems so firm, is in the process of changing.

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