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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  April, 2011


The table below contains the energy-building messages for April, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
April 30
This process seems calm, peaceful and it is, not still, not staying the same. It has a life of its own. Each experience in some sense is new experience, for a new field is created, growing, affecting us and others as it moves out.
April 29
To see new truth one may need to give up beliefs and not feel threatened by the shift, but inspired by possibilities. Knowing that we do not know everything, all is in process, gives us a view of how we may relate to our lives.
April 28
As your world comes to a point where it cannot go any farther down, then there is no where to go but up. Momentum will build for these new directions. One will feel more optimistic, hopeful and begin to create a transformed world.
April 27
In a life time one will experience states of being, some clear or confused. Intend to receive guidance, that your Spirit, your soul group can offer you good ideas in your next steps. This life is an ongoing process. It does not ever stop.
April 26
The idea of other beings coming, fixing your lives is not a simple matter, just considering Earth. It is considering all life on your planet, not just the physical life, but the mental, psychological, spiritual parts of the beings.
April 25
We cannot be attached to outcomes. Focus on process that enlivens, uplifts. As you gain these understandings you function in an uplifting manner regardless of your surroundings because your inner life is your fundamental life.
April 24
As things are accelerating in your physical world things become clearer - what is important, how one lives one's life, interacts with one another, other creations, one's creative energy, a different life with spiritual wealth.
April 23
Ultimately all is connected, all of the time, but one may not be in tune with these inputs, not able to receive them. We have opened a door that you can utilize and connect with this sending of thoughts and energies consciously.
April 22
What you are looking for is a problem-solving mode that has clear intent to find solutions that move toward the best benefit of all, address particular concerns, acquire more information, energy, guidance to assist you.
April 21
We have mentioned that flexibility is of great important at this time because your recent lifestyles, thought forms, habits have brought you and all life on your planet to this present state of crisis let's say.
April 20
You are being challenged to think globally, of the whole cooperative system on your planet. It has always been important, but at this time it is more obvious and information is more available.
April 19
You are restricted by the state of your physical make-up. It has not progressed at the speed at which your human inventions have progressed. You have evidence of past times where radiation existed and civilizations disappeared.
April 18
The discharges from the nuclear plants affect air which goes everywhere around your Earth and beyond, and water ways. Everything has speeded up as though you have fast-forwarded into contemplating your whole globe.
April 17
What we are doing on one level is picking up on the resonance of our source, sensing it, and strengthening it, and then sensing greater connection to other creations. It is our common language.
April 16
To assist others one can feel empathy, compassion and the desire to do something. This enhances ones personal life to assist others. It touches on the physical, mental, spiritual, every facet of a life giving it nourishment.
April 15
We have, in some sense, a sense of a perfect world. We feel this sense of peace, calm, unconditional love, energizing every part of our being. We’re enlivened, creative, receiving guidance, and contribute in our own way.
April 14
As we speak this way the message is sent to all on your planet and beyond. It does not stop here. Let's say we are communicating on an intrinsic level, basically, and then refining it to more specific languages that are added in.
April 13
We describe a way of relating that has a connection deep down- energy, not words, actions or body language. These are the basic levels, the energetic levels. They guide one in how to spend one's time to assist one's world.
April 12
There is the sense of wanting to expand farther out from the head. It is held back to some degree. Through this expansion and resonating field there will be greater flowing, less limitation in what we perceive, receive, and give.
April 11
There is a common center for communications, verbal communications, thoughts, and any creation can tape into this center like a switchboard and place one's thoughts to various receivers of these messages.
April 10
As you know that your world is rearranging itself, you may need to rearrange yourself to be in a harmonious place for your personal life and in relationship to your planet. You are independent and interdependent.
April 9
Your media may convince you that all is fine, not to panic, to cause distress. Using your mind, independent sources, common sense reasoning, and intuition and guidance you can sense whether a move would be wise.
April 8
The most awareness one may have is very close-up, an expansion of the heart, a vibration in one's energy field and physical being, a sense of peace, calm, acceleration and exhilaration, bringing with it the potential of creating.
April 7
We are created as complex beings, enabling us to develop many abilities and creative thoughts to pursue our natural creative purposes in this life. We are using parts of ourselves in the present day, past, future, and parallel lives.
April 6
Sense how you are feeling in any situation, uplifted, relaxed, or very different? It is a sign of where you are placing your energy. Choose to switch gears as you need to, to maintain your part will be in accelerations.
April 5
We give you expanded ideas along with expanded energy, this flowing resonance to tune into, a helping hand, not superior but assisting, as you too will be assisting others, not in a superior way but again as a helping hand.
April 4
What we provide in this energy sharing is an awakening to one's inner self, to one's fundamental energy and the experience of feeling this uplifted life, not just inwards, but experience which provides a profound shift in many lives.
April 3
You are inhabiting a 3D vehicle and more. And we attempt to pull all of this together as you experience and create in this 3D reality, in this 3D time frame with your individual strengths and abilities and perceptions.
April 2
You may notice that it is easier for you to resonate with other creations that are resonating with source energy. They may be human, animal, insect, what one calls “living” or inanimate as in crystals, rocks, paper.
April 1
It may seem discouraging as you feel for the stress of others. It is a sign of your closeness to other creations, your ability to tune in to resonances beyond your personal life and yet they are connected to your personal life.

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