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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  March, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for March, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
March 31
You are the ultimate creator of your transformation for your particular body, mind, and Spirit As you strengthen, share, resonate you also jump-start others, including ourselves, a mutual creation, and more creations join in this common process.
March 30
If an energy field could speak, such as this one, what might it say? As we sense it, it would say it is strengthening, expanding in a steady, resonating, infusing manner, strong yet gentle, offering but not pushing, and unconditionally loving.
March 29
We moved quickly into a deeper state. We felt inspired, that it would be comfortable for you. It is a consideration this challenge of bringing in more of your fundamental energy and your Spirit to your life and comfortably blending them.
March 28
Communication is two-ways, sending and receiving. You can assist the other and you have the most opportunity to assist yourself, a high priority when you live with many other beings, interconnected and interdependent.
March 27
The sense of upliftment that comes from assisting oneself, others is a reinforcing experience, a natural response to assist other parts of the whole, to feel equal to these parts in value. It is more something one can feel than think.
March 26
What is the purpose of small emotions that seem to place roadblocks in one's path? They are tools, forms of expression. One is conditioned by 3D life. Choices become habits, easily energized. We are developing new ways of practicing them.
March 25
You have some extraterrestrial beings who have preserved DNA, who have foreseen various possibilities. The world is not always as it seems. There is so much more. Stay focused on what you can contribute, what your purpose is.
March 24
It is another example of not being alone, and those who are on this path come from many backgrounds, some Earthly, some off-planet, some non-physical, all participating together.
March 23
Communicate in a way that you care, have unconditional love for your world, an example of what is possible, a reminder of one’s essence. Even though one is faced with challenges, one can maintain awareness of one’s source and the assistance that it provides.
March 22
One can have knowingnesses and not 3D proof. Yet the knowingnesses are correct. We have extended our ways of perceiving our 3D reality because part of our existence is actually relating at the same time to other realities.
March 21
You must be discerning, creative in your own right, whether it is creating more energy, good ideas, or whatever your talents can produce. You must contribute your part for this evolution, this transformation to proceed.
March 20
One can take a large view and sense that your world is insignificant, for it is so small. We do not have that view. We value each part and its contribution, the interconnectedness of creation. The on-goingness of basic energy is not usually perceived.
March 19
There is desire in humanity to support one another, the whole of your world. Through this energy infusion, there is an energization of your world beyond any one country, person, an overall guiding of creation to give to the whole.
March 18
Reality is many faceted. One is usually focused on a part of reality. Because your 3D reality is in stress and life is challenged it may not continue in its usual manner, if it can function at all. Many begin to think about other realities.
March 17
We as incarnated beings are conduits as well as generators of source energy and communicators as well. Our free-will gives us choice to decide how to use our energy, how to develop ourselves, assist others in a 3D environment.
March 16
This situation is creating an interesting dynamic around your world. With your communication system beings understand the challenge and reach out. This is an opportunity to link up, share, strengthen your whole world.
March 15
Strengthen your source energy, assist yourself in functioning in any situation, facilitate your Spirit's ability to give you wisdom from bigger perspectives. Reality does not stop in a 3D world, no matter what its configuration.
March 14
As part of one's personal strengthening of source energy includes the Earth to assist in its development, to assist those who must rearrange their lives. An infusement of source energy is a very life-enhancing boost in challenging situations.
March 13
We are not promoters of fear as that can be inhibiting to one’s progress, but we are promoters of taking precautions, wise precautions using the information that you have for your benefit, for the benefit of others as well.
March 12
We attempt to take this process and infuse it into thinking processes to have a similar kind of flowing. Often thoughts are fragmented, separated, not working together in collective understandings, inspirations and creations.
March 11
Jump-starting is the beginning of the process. Then a rapidly increasing effect as the resonance builds and each creation is able to generate more source energy.
March 10
We do not see Karma as a heavy debt to be paid. It is a natural consequence of actions, a continuous process. As other species have found some enlightenment relating to humans, they are here to help reset humanity, and still allow for freewill choice.
March 9
The outside world may look not inspirational, your internal world, your personal life does not have to follow those examples. Create another reality as you envision it not in a self-centered manner, but an educational manner.
March 8
Your Spirit has a bigger picture. You can draw it in and invite good ideas. All this takes just a few moments and you can continue on with a new perspective and rejuvenated energy. It is not hard.
March 7
Once one develops one's ability to strengthen one's source energy, create a less-dense energy field and physical vehicle, even mind, one has prepared the way for one's Spirit to join the incarnated existence more comfortably.
March 6
We continue primarily in energy, our basic identity. It may be a challenge to consider oneself basically as an energy or a facet of energy, for you are not separated from other creations. Yet you have a conscious focus on your facet of creation.
March 5
One needs a relaxed compassionate understanding of human minds and how they presently function. You are teaching yourselves new ways of living. It takes practice, persistence, nourishment, not something to scold oneself into.
March 4
Competition is not a natural state of being. It may be prompted by physical challenges, lack of food, which then may dominate an incarnated life, but not always. It will depend upon awareness of that which is beyond 3D perceptions.
March 3
Your world is developing, pressures building, geological kind of developments and others related to humanity in particular. Energies and pressures keep building. There is friction. Many paths are coming to a head.
March 2
We attempt to stretch you, open possibilities, guidance, greater connections to animal, plant, insect, extraterrestrial, and inanimate creations, so you become more aware of the Oneness and all that is in that Oneness.
March 1
Each day set an intent to utilize one’s natural abilities and source energy to create in some way for the best benefit of all, a fine beginning for a day. Then one can be receptive for guidance, good ideas in implementing this.

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