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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  February, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for Feb, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Feb 28
Your world has greater generation of these energies. There are more in your world aware of their Spirit, guidance, source, and one another. We have not reached a tipping point, still in process. But we do have some success.
Feb 27
Retraining yourself, go slower in your 3D life, think deeply about your circumstances, consider choices, not generate small emotions, sense your energy field, set an intent to strengthen your energy, ask for guidance.
Feb 26
One could think you get started in one gear and move into another which is a different reality. A momentum is going, a different speed. As you go deeper you go slower consciously. In reality it is not slower but a different wavelength.
Feb 25
One has a sense of expansiveness in this deep place. It seems paradoxical but as one moves deeper within one's heart, one's physical being, one has the sense of a large energy field opening up, expanding everywhere.
Feb 24
We are stressing empowerment, that you have choice, that you are the creator of your life, that if you find yourself in a state of being that does not support your highest good, you shift to another, flow and feel at peace again.
Feb 23
We are shifting gears and from that standpoint we are not slowing down, we are moving beyond where the natural pace of existence is different. It seems slower and more expansive to our usual state. It is a contrast. It is different.
Feb 22
Continually filling oneself with fundamental energy for the best benefit of all brings one into balance, a balance of all parts of one's physical being and a balance of your mind, thoughts, beliefs, and your small emotions.
Feb 21
We think of corporation, business. Perhaps we would choose cooperative, where the goal is to give for the best benefit of all, and how that would affect the cooperative the structure, activities, consideration for all.
Feb 20
One has guiding intents for one's life in activities, in how you do something, and one has the reset button to reestablish this path when you take a step back, part of learning paths because you are learning through experience.
Feb 19
We see only a part, but we have on some level a knowingness of the deepest part of the Oneness. We are not limited by our incarnated life, what we can perceive with our personality and senses. We also communication on other levels
Feb 18
You have awareness of your energy, the sense of peace, calm and connection to your source. Hold this, reinforce it, strengthen it, and then flow in an expanding field to assist yourself and others for the best benefit of all.
Feb 17
There is the idea that to radiate air everywhere affecting many living things, is not respecting these living things. Decisions are made that are not based on truth, not informed decisions. What shall your part be?
Feb 16
We are saying to some extent you are living in a false world, "you" meaning humanity. There are exceptions. This false world tells you - you are safe, healthy, fine, your world is alright. Those who say otherwise are not so "alright".
Feb 15
If humanity did not financially support wireless inventions, they would cease, but humanity would need to be educated and take collective action for the best benefit of all even if one had to "give up" conveniences.
Feb 14
Many human-made fields are not supportive of one's spiritual development. They do not have a smooth and flowing nature. They are pulsed. They develop transient spikes, interfere with one's basic natural energetic flow.
Feb 13
We are attempting to help you blend your inner world and outer world and your left brain and your right brain. Practice will help you. Intent will help you and we cheer you on as we have taken on a role as cheerleaders.
Feb 12
As you relax you find that your way of functioning is more of a floating or flowing, slower than your usual 3D speed. You do not notice small emotions, judgments, attachments, expectations. You are an observer, an understanderer.
Feb 11
As your mind becomes aware of a sense of flowing you have a kind of double awareness. Eventually they merge and you can also sense your physical vehicle as moving energy and a kind of unity occurs.
Feb 10
Use inner senses and integrate them with the external senses so you have information and perceptions developing from various realities, not canceling each other out. A partnership is needed.
Feb 9
This is a kind of instruction book for living in a 3D world. As you look around you can see that what seems so obvious is not being perceived much of the time, priorities not set, little clarity on individuals and their worlds.
Feb 8
There are pathways into knowingness. These knowingnesses seem profound, not casual understandings, may alert you to your life's purpose, past lives, to soul group connections, team mate connections or Source connection.
Feb 7
Often you pick up on something that is not obvious to your external senses. Take a moment, Allow for an expansion of awareness. Don’t breeze by these experiences, catch them, explore them, open yourself to gaining understandings.
Feb 6
Your body can focus on something, as if it has a mind, it can communicate, has awareness. One can use the mental mind to help the body by setting an intent to relax, telling all parts of one’s being to relax.
Feb 5
It is important what energy you are generating, what intents you are attaching to them, for you do affect many others and to some extent your whole world.
Feb 4
If one took time-lapse photography of fields, one would see fields by-passing one another for a while. Then there would be changes, shifts and eventually connections. Merges and jump-starting would occur.
Feb 3
As you progress in your awareness of your fluidity, your ever-changing nature, your sense of yourself is going to expand eventually into sensing yourself as energy, not as a solid, defined body and mind and personality.
Feb 2
We are touching on many facets of your life and attempting to pull them together, integrate them within the focus of your conscious mind - who you are, what you are made up of.
Feb 1
Pay attention to what you are telling yourself. Stop and correct any idea that has been expressed spontaneously that does not fit your basic goals. You have habits, things said without thought, without intending their meaning.

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