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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  January, 2011

The table below contains the energy-building messages for Jan, 2011. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Jan 31
We focus on a deliberate creation of one's life, having experienced a trial-and-error kind of existence, having experienced many contrasts which make a life much clearer, an acceptance of one's life, appreciation of this life experience.
Jan 30
Have appreciation of the cooperative functioning of this incarnated life, that each part of you understands it is part of a team, has value, contributes in some way, is not competitive with other parts, that the quality of life is dependent upon contributions of all parts.
Jan 29
To believe that your identity is more than your personality, ongoing, with wisdom and potential gives you a sense of self-worth, of ongoingness, and more compassion for your personality which may be fragmented rather than integrated.
Jan 28
One has the challenge of developing a relationship with the parts of one's mind and a relationship with one's 3D world. They affect one another. This has its strength and its weakness, depending upon how you utilize your awareness.
Jan 27
We are like a conduit that brings energy to many worlds - strengthened fundamental energy. As this energy passes through us we become stronger conduits and we feel greater connections to other creations through this energy.
Jan 26
One can choose in each moment what kind of a world that moment could be, and give of your intents and energies to that world - even a little world in a brief moment and if each moment is enlivened then the collective moments will be strengthened.
Jan 25
Use your internal senses to strengthen awareness of your personal world, Consider your world in tangible and intangible terms. Your basic existence is barely understood through the five senses. Remove many of them and your basic existence continues.
Jan 24
One may not create a work of art or invention. One may create a life, an example of giving in small ways for the best benefit of all and not being noticed or recognized, just living the process, demonstrating the reality of living in this way.
Jan 23
One can have a resonance of thoughts and intents, one influencing another, building, connecting, and developing. Remember this. You do not have to take it all on yourself to create. Work in teams, share common uplifting goals.
Jan 22
Your world is very flexible as creations move in and out of the way they function, whether they are drawn more to their Spirit or their material way of functioning, or whether they have blended to some extent, both realities.
Jan 21
One is part of a soul group, with many incarnations for each part of the soul group and the collective wisdom that is gained through this group activity. One begins to have more of a sense of the Oneness, the totality of everything on an energetic level.
Jan 20
Part of your mind believes that your personality, your physical being, are your identity, and as you have stretched and learned, you know you are more, that your Spirit lives on beyond any specific incarnation.
Jan 19
There is a temptation to join with a fast moving world, but that pace does not support self-awareness, guidance, or the overview of your world. Take a break to a slower, peaceful, unconditionally loving way of being, consciously.
Jan 18
You will develop a process to function in real time, as you live your life you have inputs assisting you. They may relate to an immediate consideration or a future one or even a past one. All of these things are possible.
Jan 17
Intuition involves communication with one's Spirit, guidance, soul group and the ability to receive these inputs into one's life. Stretching your ability to generate fundamental energy will bring you to a place where you have more intuition.
Jan 16
We do have the sense that words can assist the mind, although at times the words may not be understood. It is a challenge to give in words that which will stretch a mind and still be understood.
Jan 14
Connect with larger perspectives. Small individual observations and events are part of a bigger picture. Including the bigger picture in your view will assist in how you relate. This is not insensitive. It is fundamental.
Jan 13
There is an intangible world, a guiding world of those in your world and those in other worlds, Spirits, soul group members, team mates, and your basic source connection involved, a kind of elevated life above your other life.
Jan 12
To create in a 3D world is breaking new ground. It is more challenging. Look with new eyes, more patience and compassion and understanding. 3D worlds provide new experiences which can deepen the development of the Oneness.
Jan 11
We can choose to infuse our strengthened energy. We can strengthen the field overall or individual choices. As we think of something we wish to uplift the energy will move toward it. It is very telepathic in its response.
Jan 10
We strengthen our generation of fundamental energy and maintain this understanding that we live a life that is empowered, creative and connected to other creations extending our perceptions beyond our five senses.
Jan 9
One may feel this 3D life is an insignificant part of one's existence. It is not insignificant from our view point. It is a special opportunity to express Oneness in a 3D environment if one can strengthen one's source energy.
Jan 8
The resonance increases. The sense of upliftment increases. The perception of unconditional love also increases. The tangible and intangible become more intertwined.
Jan 7
On some level all of creation is participating. All of the fields are connected. For some creations their field is small, not very strong, but it is the heart, so to speak, of their existence.
Jan 6
What does it take to live a happy life? It is something that is created from within, that one develops a process for accessing happiness, a natural way of life. This sense of happiness flows throughout our being and influences each of our activities.
Jan 5
How one is connected up in body/mind/Spirit is going to make a difference in your life, your Earthly world and beyond. There is a huge disconnect from Spirit which is why your world and other worlds are floundering.
Jan 4
Think before starting an activity about creating an energy field, a collective energy field that would assist the next activity to continue the strong generation of one's fundamental energy beyond the meditative state.
Jan 3
In some sense one's physical being will progress faster than one's mind, one's awareness consciously. Eventually the mind catches up. You realize the changes that have occurred, the enhanced life that you are gaining.
Jan 2
Define what you are looking for. Ask. This does not mean everything is figured out. These assists will continue as you define your need, and ask. Do not wait for an answer. Go on. And as a surprise, answers come.
Jan 1
There is a missing link in your world. Various processes, inventions, societal organizations will fail. Learning is available through failures, mistakes. Use learning from these failures and create anew with greater clarity for the whole.

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