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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  December, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for December, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
December 31
Some make predictions. For us, the process is different. We see, feel, know things as a continuum, developing. We too feel optimistic as ultimately growth will take place somehow, at times in surprising ways.
December 30
If one thinks of a radio and the various stations that are broadcasting as one turns the dial and picks them up, one can imagine that your mind can also pick up various levels of broadcasting or communication.
December 29
You can ask for assistance for finding those activities that would assist oneself and one's world. When you find these activities you notice there is an easy flowing as you move through them, satisfaction and spiritual growth.
December 28
We encourage the strengthening of all creations and the cooperation of creations as their energies merge with others. It is an inner knowingness that we are all connected, all one. We bring this reality closer to conscious 3D lives.
December 27
It is not for fame and fortune that you live this life. You may interact in these ways, but your primary goal is more into the intangible, an intangible that may not be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, and so forth, but it can be felt.
December 26
The so-called non-living things have the ability to generate this energy. It is subtle. One can perceive it. These non-living things can strengthen their generation. This jump-starting connection can assist all creations.
December 25
This gift of unconditional love is an assist beyond words, to yourself, others, society, your world, cosmos, and beyond, a sharing, basically. You do not give anything away and lose it. It is an on-going giving and sharing.
December 24
One can infuse this energy into whatever one gives to others, a card, a gift, a call, a thought. They are all conduits to give this very fundamental gift to those you think of and the energy spills out, flows to others.
December 23
Sound has potential for strengthening a meditative state, assisting energy centers to open, for there is a resonant vibration that develops. Your physical being is like a sounding board and can assist the strengthening of energy.
December 22
The perspective that we are all in process is clearer. It is an evolution, a learning experience this 3D existence, not a war. It is all on the same path, evolving in a similar direction. Some paths are more convoluted than others.
December 21
It does not matter what type of physical being we incarnate in or what cultural habits we have. These make no difference in this case. Our spiritual and pre-incarnation connections are significant.
December 20
Energies are often viewed as opposites, positive and negative. In our view they are gradations of the same path. At one end there is greater generation of unconditional love. At the other there is little of this energy, yet it is there.
December 19
You can continue in your life with this process.You can influence, assist, jump-start other parts of your world. And you strengthen yourself, your connection to your Spirit, guidance, soul group, Oneness.
December 18
Sometimes gentle thoughts come into one's mind, or a strong message, sometimes a knowingness, understanding. One is moved to take steps to create and influence one's personal world, Earthly world, and beyond.
December 17
We have said you and your planet are great generators of this energy. You have great potential. It is a matter of guidance, guiding oneself and helping others to guide themselves, and collective guidance in various groups.
December 16
Readjust the priorities of one's senses and place sensory inputs, or activities in the background. Maintain a stronger focus on being in this uplifted state. It is somewhat challenging. You are learning more about living your life.
December 15
There are many around your planet attempting to awaken humanity, a challenge for one learns through experience. Teachers can teach but it will not have a transforming effect until the receiver can also walk this path.
December 14
You can see the present experiment in civilization and its failings. It is knowledge worth having to prompt growth, a rearrangement of how to organize groups of beings on your planet more for the best benefit of all.
December 13
As we see transformation it is subtle, although not always. Generally it occurs in a gentle, comfortable manner almost beyond one’s conscious recognition, so there is no resistance, no generation of small emotions, fears.
December 12
Put the strengthening of your source energy at the top of your daily plan. It takes a moment. As repeated, one becomes truly more aware, supportive of this path toward transformation, for one’s life will transform with this assist.
December 11
We perceive an opening in the energy field of your Earth. It is connected to strengthened source energy and so we have a deeper connection to your planet, your Earthly world, its material core, and Spiritual core.
December 10
A deep connecting process is occurring. You gain connections to Earthly creations of all kinds. On a cosmic level you prepare for connections beyond Earth, then connections toward your Source, Spirit, soul group, and beyond.
December 9
Telepathy can be used with any creations, not just humans - plants, animals, even inanimate creations. Telepathy can be very subtle. If you keep intending and desiring to develop this ability, you can do this.
December 8
Your left hemisphere is focused on sensory inputs, linear/logical interpretations of them, the right brain utilizes subtle senses, receives guidance. Your brain usually functions in an alternating pattern, and puts it together.
December 7
Take courage, inner strength to move in directions uncommon in society. You have support through your connection to your source, your Spirit, the guidance of your soul group. This path is needed for transformation.
December 6
One may think of one life at a time but it is a bigger life connected in one's own progression, then with others, their progressions, then the progression of the Oneness. We extend awareness of our lives and our goals.
December 5
As one gains appreciation for one's growth, one needs to be appreciative of others and their paths. Do not be superior to other beings or creations. You will take steps back on that path. We are all contributing to the Oneness.
December 4
Take deep breaths slowly, relax into your energy field; stretch your senses to focus on hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, smelling, rebalancing oneself, flowing through one’s life, connecting to your source and feeling upliftment.
December 3
We are creating a process that is comfortable, assisting progress in one’s life. This does not mean that you have total understanding of what you are involved with. It is an evolutionary process of becoming an expanded being.
December 2
See many levels to existence close-up view, farther, still farther. This has a transformative affect. One becomes less attached to any particular view, stretched into a larger view, gaining understanding and compassion for all creations.
December 1
Pay attention to your energy field. Carry this meditative state into other activities. Experiment. See what develops, have a more aware life, sense others more clearly. Will they join you in common resonance as you interact?

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