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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  November, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for Nov, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Nov 30
We are a part of a large existence, an equal part to other parts. We feel the value of our existence and contribution to the whole. Whatever we contribute is a gift to the rest of creation, an assist for the best benefit of all.
Nov 29
We can stretch into our larger personas, feel calm, peace. We have choice. Old patterns at times persist, giving us contrast, stronger motivation to stretch, to grow, to reacquaint ourselves with our fundamental identity.
Nov 28
One may feel guiding thoughts, a moving toward an expanded life. It is not something that one is analyzing, proving, weighing, or measuring. There is an "isness" about it. We support this way of life, this expanding way of life.
Nov 27
Approach experiences that do not flow from a less-mental point of view, focus on your heart center, strengthen fundamental energy, radiate it to others without expectation, just for the giving of it.
Nov 26
If one can remember this meditative state and imagine it one would have a strong sense of one’s essence through each life time and through the in-between times, a sense of self-worth, more connection to one’s Spirit.
Nov 25
Experiences are continual not really ending or beginning. They flow. There are many inputs into every moment going back and ahead in time. You have free will choice and all the influences that go into these choices from many sources.
Nov 24
This energy gives us a power to move through activities in uplifting ways, be peaceful, calm, creative, unconditionally loving, aware of oneself, the way one is, and the same for others. This energy carries, holds, supports us.
Nov 23
We assist your self-awareness to think, how are you functioning? Does one's physical being move or not move? Does one's heart center feel open or closed? Is one's energy moving up and out or down and in almost stopping?
Nov 22
Integrate the state we experience during this meditation into our every-day life experiences whether they are solitary or interacting with others, a comfortable way to live, not too hurried, not too tense, flowing with the universe.
Nov 21
Now, we are sensing again a building field of your Earth. There is a broadening, an expansion of it, and still a containment of it. It is building from within and then expanding. It is a slow, steady, strengthening field.
Nov 20
We sense a building field in the core of your Earth. connected to the source. This field, somewhat self-contained holds great potential for your Earth, a very favorable sign, something not perceived before.
Nov 19
Feel the expansion of this field in space and internally, a fine vibration resonating in our cells. A comparable vibration occurs in external fields. Our physical being assists us in awareness of this energy, its effect on lives.
Nov 18
One of the challenges that worlds experience is how to have a variety of creations and energies connect, communicate, work together since there are many perspectives, talents, strengths and weaknesses. It is quite challenging.
Nov 17
As one's physical vehicle is alive, we can say from our view point the field is very much alive and growing and expanding and developing and perceived in various ways as light, motion, as visual imagery, and so forth.
Nov 16
It is as though there is a rebirth of your Earth from its center, a positive sign. The feel of this energy is smooth, flowing, peaceful, somewhat contained, holding its basic quality. It is more expanding slowly, developing, growing.
Nov 15
Now, as we send this field to the Earth and to all creations upon it, we are activating a similar process for all parts of the Earth to connect more and more in a common resonance for the best benefit of all.
Nov 14
We build a new life style and release past patterns, refine, recreate our lives. We continue to grow and evolve, not a matter of learning, then staying on a plateau with that learning. It is adding and adding, an on-going process.
Nov 13
One can connect with your Earthly world a bit more standing barefoot on your Earth, sitting on the grass, touching the soil, merge your field with your Earth. You can send this strengthened energy your Earth, for they connect.
Nov 12
We have encouraged preparation for your physical needs, and others as well. Your basic way of living may collapse, and you then become closer to nature, one another, local farmers, to a kinder, gentler, way of living.
Nov 11
You have confirmation that you are consciously flowing with your energy, source energy. Your physical being may be still, but your inner energy is flowing, interconnecting, carrying you through your Earthly world.
Nov 10
It is useful at times to take a mini-break and strengthen your fundamental energy. A few moments will jump-start and you, as you focus again on your 3D world. As you practice discover subtle thoughts that assist you.
Nov 9
It is important to give of yourselves to build the needed transformation that is forming. We cannot do it for you. We assist you, jump-start you, but it is your world you are creating. Consider how you will assist this creation.
Nov 8
Now your Earth as it receives a jump-start of this energy is gaining its inner strength as well, and this will help to stabilize your Earth to some extent, to infuse a kind of energetic balance to its existence, to any existence really.
Nov 7
We sense expanding the universe with our energy fields. In each part of the universe there is a small universe expanding, assisting the other universes. We build a conscious sense of our interconnectedness of the Oneness.
Nov 6
As your world continues to spin in many directions, in confusion, focus on your Earthly world, strengthen your energy, intend that it give assistance to your world and all of its creations. Your intent does not have to be detailed.
Nov 5
You continually reset yourselves as you strengthen fundamental energy and build a momentum within yourself that can assist, perhaps a healing for you, others, for gaining good ideas for an activity, a directed use of energy.
Nov 4
You are preparing for the next phase of your Earthly world. It appears that disintegration is almost a necessity before a process of re-building can occur. Stay strong, clear, share your generation of fundamental energy each day
Nov 3
We sense your world is moving to a crisis point which will facilitate a transformation. Many factors move in this direction. It is important to hold one's basic energy, maintain one's center, think in terms of assistance for all.
Nov 2
Contact opens doors to new ways of thinking and creating, as though you are transplanted to another world upon your world. Relationships change when you add a cosmic view. There’s going to be a leveling action for humanity.
Nov 01
Set your intent for the contacts you are available for - you may wish contacts that are on an equal basis, with respect, compassion, mutually supportive. Patience will be needed on both sides to develop working relationships.

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