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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  October, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for October, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Oct 31
We continue with thoughts about contact. It would be useful to accomplish contact with oneself. This means to have deeper understanding of yourself as body, mind, and Spirit, all parts of one’s being ideally.
Oct 30
Challenging as it may be for many to live this kind of integrated life with your Earthly creations, you can imagine how much more challenging it may be to live with other worldly creations, as they seem to be …on the outside.
Oct 29
In order for you to develop more fully using your unique abilities and potential, you must value yourselves even if you cannot do what others can do whether they live on your planet or on another planet far away.
Oct 28
Now, we encourage you humans to brainstorm what might work as a preparation for contact? What do you desire in understandings, in strengthened abilities, new abilities to be able to live a transformed life?
Oct 27
When you look at something you may find thoughts come into your mind, deep understandings. This sense has focused on something which begins a process with your other senses, guidance, Spirit. You have touched something and understandings flow.
Oct 26
There is an upbeat tone to this process. Sense a challenge, but not defeat, good ideas to assist. Negativity doesn’t thrive in this field. How one lives is uplifted. Life seems easier, happier. Small emotions do not power your life in this process.
Oct 25
Imagine you could not use your five senses and get a glimpse of what is left that is not being picked up usually. Your world is rich beyond the five senses. We are building a deeper life to utilize this 3D incarnation more to its fullest.
Oct 24
Your Earth is moving toward a transformation, preparing for change, a readjustment of its physical and energetic configuration, There is a buildup of old patterns. Now there is a release and a similar growth process in humanity.
Oct 23
We have a lacey-like field connecting more creations in your world and beyond your world. Through this lacey connection communication is possible. We assist one another with intents, energy, unconditional love.
Oct 22
You have greater access to your Spirit, your guidance in this state of being. Dialogue with your guidance, involve your guidance more in your everyday life, receive good ideas, information, encouragement, inspiration in a variety of ways.
Oct 21
Be in a receptive mode to receive messages from your Earth, requests, information. You can communicate with your Earth. Give yourself relaxed time, space, connecting energy to facilitate this process. You can invite it.
Oct 20
The stuff of your world, the 3D inventions of your world, are a manifestation of creativity. If they are not created for the best benefit of all, you have just added more stuff to your world and used more resources in a limited way.
Oct 19
What you are going for is the internal transformation as well as the external transformation. You will give up past patterns and create new ones through experience primarily and to some extent through intents.
Oct 18
During times of stepping back, create a resetting process to minimize the length of steps back, minimize draining your energy into small emotions, various thought forms, not be critical of oneself. Be patient, understanding.
Oct 17
We open energy centers, each cell more, flow energy through our being freely, not in a restricted manner. We expand our minds, have more openings between thoughts. We flow in body and mind. Our Spirit connects easily.
Oct 15
With strengthened energy one has greater access to collective libraries of existence and through these connections you have assistance in this present 3D life. You have an energy connection, free, for all, generally unknown.
Oct 14
Relating to other beings as you expedite this transition involves telepathic abilities so that you can understand, communicate with other creations without verbal language, a closer communication, a deeper knowingness.
Oct 13
We sense a movement of energy in your world, a kind of circling, moving energy, perhaps gathering up other energies to assist many processes. There is a kind of purpose to this swirling, moving, circular energy field.
Oct 12
This is not a path of fame, fortune. As one’s experience deepens on this path, one has more times of experiencing awe, a sense hard to describe in words, giving you confirmation of Oneness and your connection to it.
Oct 11
We have stressed process, that things are on-going, ever-changing. That one does not really ever, as we understand it, arrive. Even the Oneness, so-called, is expanding and developing.
Oct 10
We stress the deepest most meaningful activities for if you have these you can process disagreements and process challenges. Your foundation is clear. You have this internal sense of peace, calm and connection to your source.
Oct 9
We have responsibility for part of the Oneness to develop our part, contribute our part. We have a connection in the heart center and it is this connection that will carry us through this coming transformation.
Oct 8
How to survive transforming years when one cannot utilize old patterns. It is like a death and rebirth. Those who preserve not unconditionally-loving patterns will have tension until a breaking point. Keep your head clear, visions intact, intents to function in ways that are for the best benefit of all.
Oct 7
Having the strength of one’s being can have value. It is a maturing of ego-like energy to move from a more childlike, self-centered use of this energy to the bigger, broad collective view, using it for these goals for the benefit of all.
Oct 6
Your greatest assistance is going to come from within, not just your personality or your Spirit, but other realms you connect to from within, your pathway to other worlds, connections usually not visible in your outside world.
Oct 5
What you give may primarily be on this energetic level, at times verbal communications are limited. You have a compassionate understanding for others and their path. You sense guidance to assist you.
Oct 4
It does take time for this nourishment to facilitate growth. It begins slowly, not noticeably, and then builds, an easy transformation. Stay with it, keep up the momentum, be aware of shifts, of the assistance that is coming our way.
Oct 3
You build the future today setting in motion courses of action, and as you infuse fundamental energy into them they will thrive, connect with others, a vibrational connection building a resonance, and accessing guidance.
Oct 2
There is the central place of being, the integrated brain, which assists us into other realms, beyond our personality, beyond time and place. We live a more comprehensive life, not limited to one part of our mind/brain, integrating all parts.
Oct 1
When you perceive there are many who do not wish to learn or expand their lives, they do provide contrast. Perhaps they even provide some motivation, awakening for others. Things are not always as they seem on the surface.

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