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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  September, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for September, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
September 30
The intangible parts of our lives are perceived differently than what the external senses perceive. As one develops sensitivity to subtleness, a strengthening of internal senses combined with external senses, one can perceive a great deal. It is a activating other parts of one’s brain-mind.
September 29
Perhaps it is like a play and you are actor, screen writer, set designer, lighting engineer. What words shall you speak? actions shall you take? It is a great opportunity, opportunities that produce the most growth in your existence.
September 28
Your world is a mirror for you, and you are a mirror for it. As you develop beyond past patterns, developing new ones, you present your world with an image, an inspiration on how it could develop and function more for the best benefit of all.
September 27
Keep resetting ourselves as we live our complex 3D worlds. We can easily become distracted. Distraction can be useful in leading beyond our obvious next steps. The challenge is to live with distractions and to guide one’s life from the inside rather than the outside.
September 26
There are times when one may have a transforming experience that does have the ability to carry over to some extent, but generally speaking one’s personal desire, intent, and actions are what will make the significant change.
September 25
Although it appears to your 3D senses that there is space between you and other creations, therefore you must be separate, this sense has limitations, for your existence includes an energy field and this does not stop at the edge of your 3D vehicle.
September 24
This interconnected feeling is a guide in your life. As you sense it you can follow it, increase it, and enhance the quality of life in your Earthly world. It is a simple activity and the most powerful that you can activate.
Saptember 23
As one gains clearer awareness of one’s experience one may use one’s inner senses, flowing, perceiving subtle thoughts in assisting one’s conscious development of these understandings.
September 22
To assist yourself in this transforming way brings you connection to your guidance, the intermixing of your energy, Spirit, Source. Many guiding beings will be facilitated. You move out of your past patterned life that you were not aware of.
September 21
Often one misses the expression of this energy in an activity. One tends to be compartmentalized, narrowly focused to not be distracted by other inputs. And so, this basic protective manner of functioning may need to be adjusted.
September 20
It is not transforming one into something different. It is an inner expansion of that which has always been there, which has needed nourishment to flourish. It is the outer self that is being changed so that the inner self will be more involved with one’s life.
September 19
Each perceived reality can be stretched. One can adopt working beliefs that can be changed as one grows. Reality is every-changing. If one has this flexible viewpoint one can keep doors open for further awarenesses and growth.
September 18
As you shift and encompass more of your essence in your life, we encourage you to stay with it, utilize fundamental energy to keep building a momentum, not rest on your laurels, continue helping, inspiring, developing yourselves.
Septebber 17
We develop an integrated life connecting to one another, our Spirit our Source. Our creative abilities strengthen. We get more good ideas, inspirations and have a knowingness that that this strengthening of energy is occurring.
September 16
It is an energetic transformation first, which then facilitates the mind and the body, and the integration of Spirit. As one is able to sense the energy, one knows one is getting closer to creating a more transformed life, a more integrated life.
September 15
We have the uplifted feeling, nourishment from sensing our source connection. It is a very uplifting stretch, and one’s life will improve with this stretch, with assistance. We are feeding ourselves in a 3D existence with our essence.
September 14
One can feel a welling up of this energy in this resetting process. The heart center fills and overflows into all of your being. You sense renewal, inner strength, building your life so it is for the best benefit of all in your activities as they are infused with this energy.
September 13
The combined field that we generate helps to jump-start us all. We create a greater closeness to our Source as more creations step up their generation of this energy. The affect goes over all creation. We feel it and you also feel it.
September 12
At present the outside and the inside seem different. As one experiences the energy more, the awareness of connection increases giving one a different place from which to live, less competition, more compassion, the desire for the best benefit of all.
September 11
Notice subtle change occurring by increased awareness of how you are living differently, how you feel, your small emotions, whether you feel at peace, how often you feel these things. As you progress the ratio may change.
September 10
You are coming around again in this life, perhaps a graduate level, learning, relearning, discovering a bigger life you can live in a 3D existence. You can stretch into deeper perspectives you did not think possible, beyond your senses, past patterns.
September 9
It is a goal to maintain an energy level. We practice, share energy fields and intents and have a more transformed way of living. Imagine continuing in this state of being in your other activities, your surprises. How would it be?
September 8
We are here, strengthening this energy, sharing energy to assist you and your world. We support you, we connect with you. We have a joint mission, one might say, to assist one another, our worlds, and beyond, and the Oneness.
September 7
We are in a slow-motion transformation, comfortable, allowing tiny shifts to happen as we become dedicated, involved with this energy-building, closer connection to our Spirit and Source. We are re-weaving our lives.
September 6
As your world has developed and is playing out various conditions and playing out their failure, the time is ripe for a change, and efforts to create a different world are strengthening. And we play a part in this strengthening.
September 5
Once you have an overview of your identity beyond your personality, your personality can relax and join in assisting the whole of your being. It can benefit by the greater wisdom that your on-going being can give it.
September 4
The field has a power within itself, and as it builds it gains its own generating power. It is alive. It has the greatest input of all –the source. And as we connect more with our source the bridge is built and expands.
September 3
There is a timelessness to this process. One can connect at any time. There is no time in this field. We immerse ourselves whenever. We can give to the field; we can receive from the field, an on-going enlivenment for ourselves.
September 2
We understand all is One and part of the process of being One is that we can connect, communicate, uplift one another. One is not totally dependent on the 3D world to experience something with your five senses to truly experience it,
September 1
The mind makes decisions, sets intents. It needs nourishment, education. And you, ideally, will do this for yourself, put pieces together from your intangible to your tangible world, from your Spirit to your mind and body.

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