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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  August, 2010

EThe table below contains the energy-building messages for August, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
August 31
Does one live to give or to get from giving? They are very different lives. Our activity of giving to this strengthened energy field and to all creations it touches gives new options, awarenesses for this strengthened way of living in a 3D world.
August 30
Give oneself time each day that is relaxed and receptive to perceive subtle guidance, good ideas, to facilitate the living of 3D lives. Minds are so enriched by guidance, energies are so much more uplifted by guidance.
August 29
One can share knowingness -“thought ball” or “download”. There is great communication that happens this way. One has direct understanding, a higher quality of communication that you are moving toward.
August 28
We have more awareness in our energy field, spreading out, connecting with other creations, an awesomeness in this experience. We move into a vaster place, do not feel inferior but equal, inspired, more unconditionally loving.
August 27
There is greater clarity in your world and there is greater confusion. It is all going together. If one gets greater clarity, and observes one’s world, one can see the contradictions how fundamental truths are not being supported.
August 26
As we, jump-start this field we are quickly into it, not having to wait for it to develop. It is on-going like having a motor running all the time and slowly building into another level, drawing forth your strengthened connection to your Source.
August 25
Like a dance, or music, or a vision, a vibration, a sense of openness, peace and upliftment, one feels recharged, more able to use one’s abilities in creative ways to assist our worlds, a profound way to give.
August 24
We contribute to a building momentum, and an internal momentum that is also building affecting body, mind, and Spirit. We are doing a building, a deepening. It might seem similar each time, but it is a progression.
August 23
This process is not foreign. It is an intrinsic creation, not imposed and strange. It is basic and familiar. It is an awakening, and then a transforming of one’s way of living, one’s way of thinking, feeling, perceiving, giving.
August 22
We are strengthening the integration of our two homes, so to speak, giving our 3D lives an extra dimension, one might say, a fuller, deeper, more unconditionally loving life.
August 21
One can perceive this energy through kinesthetic sensings, vibration, movement, a sense of peace. It many be visual - light, imagery moving, flowing, or any mixture of inner senses, perhaps even a sense of floating.
August 20
There are many parts to this energizing process. It is a time out from your usual way of functioning, a time to strengthen other ways of functioning, and you can carry this over into your other activities. That is a goal.
August 19
This is a transformation of how you function. Everything is in place. It is a matter of accessing it, enabling your body, your mind to integrate with your Spirit allowing greater perceptions and abilities to take place. It’s an internal transformation.
August 18
It is of great interest to us to see the development of your world’s transformation. Even though there has been some poisoning, your Earth still has its intrinsic strength and potential. Your Earth will endure, will rebuild.
August 17
Remember there is no end, truly, to anything, just transformation, re-formation, an on-going evolving process. You can add what you learn to the collective understanding of your world. It is a great opportunity.
August 16
Imagine your world going through a process, drawing in the fundamental intangible world, blending it with physical creations. Expansion takes place, a great transformation as though a key turned to unlock the mystery of your world.
August 15
As part of a plan we assist creations in certain areas of existence, jump-start them to utilize more of their abilities. We have reached a place where we can jump in our development, speed up our progression, our transformation.
August 14
What does your near future hold for you? You could set up a meditation asking a question about your near future for inputs that would be for the best benefit of all, We have turned this back to you to see what you can perceive.
August 13
A lack of awareness, understanding, experience promotes separation. On some level there is what could be called separation. It is the more individual expression of existence. The invisible connection is always present.
August 12
There are multiple jump-startings occurring with others on your planet, in your planet, around your planet who also participate in the strengthening of this energy in your world and beyond, more team work happening.
August 11
Take preparations for your physical being, place yourselves not near bodies of water, have some elevation and not be in a earthquake zone. Your Earth has been telling you to shift and move, as it has shifted and moved.
August 10
This intent of living in a way that is for the best benefit of all brings in guidance. Your free-will choice is understood. You are not drifting even though you may not know which steps to take immediately.
August 9
We become merged in this energy field in a resonant flow, together. This is a combination of the mind with its intent and the body with its generating capacity integrating and carrying out this strengthened energy activity.
August 8
Before you entered this incarnated life you made some intents, plans, you, as a Spirit you. Now you are on planet Earth attempting to make sense of your life. You are attempting to catch up to what you had planned.
August 7
Strengthening unconditional love energy keeps facilitating space for our Spirit to join us in 3D realities, guiding us through what may be a dense, confused, painful environment. Your inner world will be strong, clear.
August 6
Remember in your future you may have alerts for your physical safety. As you interact with these alerts quickly, calmly, you will be able to maintain your inner strength and continual generation of your fundamental energy.
August 5
Regardless of what the outside world is, configure yourself to be functioning for the best benefit of all, gain guidance to assist you, find teammates to work with, stay focused and not be overwhelmed by the outside chaos.
August 4
Do something you can put yourself into with enthusiasm, confidence, unconditional love, to live a more purposeful life, utilizing your abilities, unconditional love, your Spirit, all of the guidance that is with you.
August 3
If one can use one’s mind in a slightly different way, shifting focus to perceive the energetic connections and resonances, one could have a very different and very uplifting existence on your planet and elsewhere.
August 2
As we continue our energization we can use visualization and sound, sense our worlds in an uplifted pattern, many creations expanded with this energy, a mixing of thoughts, intents, visions, energy, creating a transformed world.
August 1
As we do this energy building, there is an inner strengthening of the heart center. You have knowingness of who you basically are, There is an awesomeness, an understanding of what we have been doing, an awakening.

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