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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  July, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for July, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
July 31
Contrast promotes deeper awareness, challenges one to stretch, understand more, which has an affect on this Earthly 3D life. Your mind affects your life enormously. Escaping into blissful states is not going to be enough for a true transformation.
July 30
Set an intent to step up our generation of this energy. As we sense this strengthening we can focus it upon a coalescing, developing, swirling energy field that is encompassing this Earthly world and beyond, a subtle development.
July 29
We have a sense of an on-going connectedness, the continuum from one life to another. As we interact in our present 3D life we have an opportunity to strengthen this energy, create with it in a 3D environment, an advanced course.
July 28
Although our society is doing well, we have chosen to interact with and experience the energies of your world. We have the challenges of holding our basic energy as we interact with other fields. We and others help to hold the basic field for your world.
July 27
We are part of many collectives, the Oneness, team collectives where we join together on particular concerns, soul group collectives where we share life times, an accumulation of knowledge, wisdom, and the collective of our society.
July 26
Underneath this turmoil is the fundamental energy generation interacting with all creation. As you focus on this energy you create a protective field that can resonate with other supportive fields, and slide by more disruptive fields.
July 25
We are blending with many creations, not only humanoid creations, but every type of creation you could imagine – animate, inanimate, animal, plant, reptile, insect, bird, and so forth. The energy is in all things.
July 24
In this steady strengthening of your foundation, you prepare for a life more involved consciously with your energetic essence, your natural way of life. not sporadic. Practice. Stay aware. Set intents. It is all developing.
July 23
One’s perception shifts, awareness of other realities increases. We have said it is not that one travels far away to another dimension; it is that they are all present and accessible to some degree, depending on one’s development.
July 22
What calls you to give energy to, to create, to assist. Go within to tune in to your personal path. Many external influences can distract one. Be discriminating to engage activities, energies. Make choices. You cannot do everything.
July 21
The sensing of your basic energy is going to get stronger and will not recede so easily from your conscious mind. It will be available. It will be a more conscious carrier wave, for your life. It is your true way of functioning.
July 20
You are in charge of you. Often this opportunity is not exercised. One drifts, influenced by the latest product. Sometimes that which appears to be inconvenient is the most valuable, for that which is for the best benefit of all is ultimately the most convenient.
July 19
Well, it is a special time when one can sense all parts of one’s being filled with this energy. There is a sense of unity, of completeness in a sense, of fullness, of creative ability.
July 18
There are many ways one can sense this energy field. kinesthetic, vibration, heat, cool, smooth, rippling, visual perceptions, light, patterns, visions, sound, music, taste – sweet, perhaps it is beyond words, smell, perhaps flowerlike scents.
July 16
Your world is definitely at a crisis point in its development. It is not the first crisis point. There have been others. So it is not necessarily the end of your world, but it could be a transformation into a very different world.
July 15
This energy that we strengthen does have a sound. We are seldom aware of it, but as one becomes more tuned in, strengthened, one can have such an experience. One can engage all of one’s senses with this energy.
July 14
This fundamental energy is like a breath in our 3D lives. We can sense the filling of our cells, enlivenment, giving life to life. We strengthen our life force, all of our abilities to function with a 3D vehicle, a 3D mind.
July 13
You have hardly scratched the surface in utilizing fundamental energy. It facilitates development, abilities. It connects to everything, gives you access to information, many creations past, present, future probabilities.
July 12
The idea that your world will split, one going up and one down, we do not see it that way. There is a part that is thriving and one that is dying, and into that death the source energy will strengthen and revive those creations.
July 11
In integrating activities with fundamental activity, the body can easily do this, but the mind can be distracted. Use one’s mind consciously, or it runs on automatic patterns without guidance, influenced by outside stimulation, without purpose.
July 10
We feel for all the life and creations in your world, the challenges you are involved with presently, and the ones that are coming. We support your basic talents and strengths, your abilities to achieve a newer, kinder world.
July 9
Words are not necessary for communications, may be helpful in assisting others to focus on particular subjects. We wish to integrate them with ways of communicating that are more fundamental for all communications.
July 8
Often there is expectation of communication. Then confusion arises from lack of communication, like a dance, a give and take, a step here, a step there with your strong energy continuing underneath. A way will open, usually.
July 7
We join you in our combined energy field to consider things that are seldom contemplated, for when words are used; the intellectual meaning is the dominant affect. To consider energy as the primary message, how different communications would be.
July 6
Your small emotions are not so charged. You feel calm, peaceful, observant, aware, with access to your guidance, good ideas. You maintain your energy field, this peaceful personal world that is your truer self, your truer life.
July 5
As one continues this energy momentum it strengthens and the affects are even greater. It is not just a progression, step-by-step. It is an expansion of the progression and then the collective field moves to help jump-start others.
July 4
Key ideas not done yet.In the large picture there is no such thing as independence. It is all interdependence, interconnection, and a kind of freedom, creativity, support for individual development within this larger interdependence, this larger Oneness.
July 3
This current event in the Gulf is a warning bell. Eventually it will awaken all of your world. It has this advantage for you shall know that you are all connected in body, and mind, and eventually know in Spirit.
July 2
Think of a double life, the physical-mental perspective and the spiritual perspective. We encourage the integration of these perspectives for there are times when one or the other gives you good ideas helpful for next steps.
July 1
As you focus on your life from a large perspective you strengthen many perspectives simultaneously. You do not forget your physical body with particular needs. All your needs are nourished with your larger goals.

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