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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  June, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for June, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
June 30
We come from different worlds. We exist within the whole of the Oneness supporting our part of the Oneness, a part of our purpose not usually considered. A larger sense of one’s survival gives one a totally different perspective,
June 29
There is a disturbance that is growing, increasing related to this Gulf of Mexico phenomenon. Attempt to maintain one’s basic fundamental generation of this unconditional love energy, despite outer challenges.
June 28
Your priorities may diminish in times of physical stress, but you can carry on with this priority, nourishing and encouraging each part of your being. One can keep resetting primary goals, renewing one’s basic activities.
June 27
It is important to sense where the energy fields are as far as peace and calm and connection to the Source are, for then we can reset, as needed. We can regain our overall goals, our priorities.
June 26
Your world is being challenged, species going extinct. Continue to strengthen your essence, set intents for how you will live your life. It is not quite known how this will play out. You give it your best. This will be felt.
June 25
Your 3D life is an adventure, expanding your experiences, abilities. You look at your life as a series of opportunities to see what you can discover, how you can interact, how much of the day you maintain your fundamental energy,
June 24
We function as creators receiving information, planning, figuring things out, part of a collective system, at times not harmonious, presenting challenges, but as we enter into experiences we desire mutual support, and assist this goal.
June 23
You enhance life by infusing all of your activities with your energy. You are more available for guidance, for fine assistance in your activities. You have enhanced your life overall into a smooth and flowing, uplifting life.
June 22
To develop more along spiritual paths including body and mind is a path that moves you in a different direction than mainstream humanity. You feel stronger, clearer, more unconditionally loving. The path draws you on. It works.
June 21
The energy moves through the air, water, Earth, each creation stimulating this common vibration in all things, strengthening all things. We create a harmonizing as we blend our intents, energies, desires for this Earthly world.
June 19
We are maintaining the basic field in your world since your world is being challenged from injury, as in the Gulf of Mexico. We dedicate part of our contribution energetically to helping to stabilize the basic field of your Earth.
June 18
As you live your life and you encounter other creations, animate and inanimate, you can remember there is an energetic connection, there is a possibility of communication through any of your senses or perceptions.
June 17
As you progress on this path of spiritual involvement, you will have moments of challenge. There are strong habits that appear, usually connected to baggage unresolved, past experiences, perhaps not recognized.
June 16
We are blending realities consciously to give ourselves an assist in our 3D realities, more abilities, support from other beings on similar quests. All creations are on this quest, but not all creations are consciously aware.
June 15
Connect to larger realities to appreciate your close-up reality. What you seek is at your fingertips, in your heart, your energy field. This is an awakening process to stretch into a bigger world -the same Earthly world, but connected to other worlds.
June 14
This is your process toward other goals - whatever you envision for your world, and you lend this energy to it, it will grow. It will thrive, and in a sense what you envision, you can at some future time walk into that vision.
June 13
Your ability to create depends upon your point of view, whether you look up or down. You are planting seeds, helping them grow. You may not see a mature result, but results in process. Take time, find evidence of them.
June 12
The depth of one’s experience comes from within. The degree to which one contributes comes from within. Your future is in process now. What you contribute affects it. You set your intents, visions, energy, for this purpose.
June 11
We have an energy expansion, mind expansion, Spirit expansion in this 3D reality. We are transforming our experience in this 3D reality to something more, consciously. We have not been, very conscious of the “more”.
June 10
This strengthening energy is a key to our transformation, leads to many goals, to life off your planet, gives you enhanced skills to function in other environments, with other beings. This is useful, perhaps an understatement.
June 9
This energy, when recognized by the mind, expands your sense of how you are functioning. Personality becomes supplementary, useful in creating, but one is more careful in using one’s personality. The energy is one’s fundamental reality.
June 8
Your sensing of your life is going to change. Many awarenesses will come to you. You will be flowing, receiving guidance, good ideas, passing them on, implementing them, being more aware of your life, your connection with others.
June 7
This common energetic language assists in connecting to other creations and communicating, sending, receiving, having cooperative activities, functioning in a more intuitive way, understanding things more easily.
June 6
If beings have difference in appearance, habits and so forth, you can have this common energy language, this way of interacting, not just in a language sense, a “heart sense”. The heart connects to the source, your commonality.
June 5
The underlying connections that are always there strengthen with the conscious reinforcement. Energetically the connection is the strongest and the closest, and can power other activities in your 3D world.
June 4
Some have said that your waking time in 3D reality is like a sleeping time, for you are not aware and awake to the important parts of your existence most of the time, a conditioning, not a deliberate choice.
June 3
Be part of the whole and be unique, not for the purpose of separating beings, but for developing them, of being creative, of contributing to the whole. The differentness has value, potentially; the similarity is the foundation.
June 2
Now when we say “3D reality” we are saying one is focused on 3D reality and missing other realities, we encourage you to integrating more than one reality at a time. There can be a dissolving of a 3D reality and beyond.
June 1
It is your choice to set your intent to perceive more inputs and integrate them. At this time you can have a gentle transformation. In future times, there may be changes that will speed things up and be more challenging.

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