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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  May, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for May, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
May 31
When we build an energy field and send it out, and others create energy fields, not so uplifting, how does this work? Creations have a sensing of energies and are drawn toward those that support life, and draw away from those that do not support life.
May 30
As you know you can be in this state, you can encourage it through intent and techniques-breathing more deeply, slowly, strengthening your energy, intending to contribute a sense of peace, calm, unconditional love to whatever situation you are in.
May 29
The most profound strengthening of this process is experiential, noticing how we are feeling, uplifted? In a bird's eye view place? Euphoric? In awe? More connected to other creations? These states are what we are looking for to be more integrated with our Source.
May 28
We are tip-toeing into some initial awarenesses of this transformation, a very uplifting shift, steady, gentle, not instantaneous, like a natural growth, increased awareness and understanding, the opening of many abilities.
May 27
This energy field sets the stage, creates connection for communication, closeness, being on the same wavelength, blending our thoughts, energies, intents, opening ourselves to a deeper connection, momentum of stretching.
May 26
There are parts of the mind that are adept at various inputs. It may be during a rerun that you will understand more of what you have experienced, what has been communicated to you which is rich with offerings.
May 25
No one creation has all information. Your world is extended through contacts and communication with other creations, with subtle parts of your creation providing feedback loops, other perspectives, opinions.
May 24
Communication is a priority building community, cooperation, a collective world where each being can contribute. We have an experience here, demonstrating closely connected communications using fundamental energy as the carrier.
May 23
At times one will have clues that an input is available, a sense of something out of the ordinary. a double-take, on words, sounds, visual inputs, that there is something extraordinary in this experience. pay attention to these experiences.
May 22
All of your being is strengthened by this fundamental energy your abilities can develop further, involving non-verbal communication to the past, present, even future – animate and inanimate, objects, for they are made of this energy.
May 21
Communication is a priority in your world to have a working, cooperative, world. As you speak your energy is entwined with your words, your body language, the sound of the voice. Consider the non-verbal aspects of communication.
May 20
This inner strengthening we are involved with is important for it gives us a strong base from which to live in this 3D world, and we too are partly living in your 3D Earthly world. We are maintaining the core of our energy in this way.
May 19
The intangibles in one’s life are in great part the most important parts of one’s existence, and the most important parts, to some extent, of developing all parts of one’s existence.
May 18
We do not have a sound for this energy. We sense it, the expansion, upliftment. Our words engage another energy and there is a blurring of it and the energy field, a transition from a meditative state to an active state in various activities.
May 17
This is a life of service, assistance, for the best benefit of all. Imagine a world that could function in this way, the peace, calm, sense of Oneness that would develop. It is not beyond your reality. It would be transformative, uplifting.
May 16
Each being is like a window to the larger world, to the enduring Spirit part of you. Your 3D world is a focus for your Spirit to engage with other energies, creations and develop more sophisticated ways of functioning.
May 15
We sense a relaxed sharing of energy, a strength of a subtle nature, a very peaceful, calm, uplifting nature not ordinary for a group energy field. There is no energy domination, a very peaceful resonance occurring.
May 14
When you are with others you can regain this process starting in the heart as a beginning of communication to bring you quickly in touch with other creations of all types. You can send and receive through this energy connection.
May 13
We suggest utilizing one’s inner senses to have some guidance as to whether to explore something different, or to put it in the hold basket, or to set it aside not only for your Earthly benefit, but to connect to non-human beings.
May 12
As one is part of this energy and other creations are part one can sense Oneness. There is no exclusion. One may not see all the parts, know the contributors, but one can have support, from these collective contributions.
May 11
On a level, beneath the conscious mind, one is always connected to this energy field; however, one can develop the ability to tune-in, to connect consciously, to have awareness of it as we focus also on our 3D activities.
May 10
We suggest that you set superordinant goals that are important in your life that you would like to have the collective support of your personality to follow these goals. How you carry out these goals is extremely important.
May 9
To stay more focused, one needs a working manner of relating to one’s mind. Set an intent to assist your mind, its aspects to function in an integrated manner for the best benefit of all for your mind to focus on.
May 8
We do not experience a 3D world the way as you do. We perceive worlds energetically primarily. We feel, know energy, we resonate, we vibrate, we receive information from energy. It is a vast world of exploration for us.
May 7
You can set an intent to receive guidance in how you might live in more considerate ways of your planet, how you might assist it. You can go direct, so to speak, to gain some of these ideas.
May 6
It is a toss-up, how your world will re-arrange itself. We encourage you to focus on what your contribution can be to assist the 3D world. It is going to be how you think, feel, relate, you act in relationship to your world.
May 5
There are times when knowing something on a very deep level is going to happen through our perceptions, our energy centers, our physical senses and not so much through our intellectual thinking.
May 4
Sense why a being is in the place they are at, and from this perspective getting good ideas is extremely helpful. A being may not know why they are taking the actions they are taking and one can be of service in assisting them.
May 3
To maintain a process as a priority is a novel idea. As one plans activities one has particular goals in mind. One does not consider how one will do these activities. We ask you to place this idea at the top of your agenda.
May 2
Part of a life that is led for the best benefit of all is, in a sense, in service. Now this is not sacrificial service, for each time one gives, one receives. It is a benefit all the way around.
May 1
To connect to that which seems different than one’s own path one can send energy transmissions for the best benefit of all, an opportunity for the other to resonate with their fundamental being and receive guidance of their own.

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