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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  April, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for April, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
April 30
There are many paths being walked without the desire of doing what would be for the best benefit of all, “lost paths” for they do not lead anywhere. They are not life-giving, for that goal was not part of their plan.
April 29
Indications of a strengthened integration of this energy – receiving good ideas, being brighter, creative, find solutions, a sense of upliftment, positive thinking, appreciation for each experience, each creation one interacts with.
April 28
If we remember in other activities the strengthening our basic energy, and combining it with thoughts, words, sounds, we will strengthened those activities. In a sense, this energy, this source of our being, is a silent partner to our lives.
April 27
Often one lives one‘s life feeling connected, then distracted, then reconnected. One can reconnect if one has the desire, a focus almost having a sense of breathing this energy, not only in the body, but the mind.
April 26
We have not wished to play “answer man”. These as your decisions, often relating to your life’s purposes. We assist you in developing a comprehensive, unconditionally loving way to live engaging your Spirit, your guidance, more,
April 25
Having simple ways of organizing one’s life is an assist, for one has many creative ideas. Have responsibility for how you are creating your lives. We have mentioned to not drift and now we mention to not hop, skip, and jump.
April 24
One needs to use one’s inner senses more if one is to really understand and assist oneself in the realities that one finds oneself in, sense subtleties, inputs in one’s mind that are often missed.
April 23
We are allowing ourselves to flourish as we were designed to function. The potential is here. One does not have to be fixed, one needs to be developed, drawing you out from within, a kind of discovery process of you finding the essence of you.
April 22
Now, as we continue this momentum, various parts of one’s being have been sensitized to this fundamental energy resonance. It’s easy to join with it now. It is so familiar. The upliftedness of the experience draws one on.
April 21
We have offered the idea of using a bird's eye view to give one a separation, from the 3D activities We encourage setting an intent for the day to increase merging of your body, mind, Spirit in relating to your 3D activities.
April 20
Often one looks to the outside world for answers, and they may be there, but the bigger answers will probably come from within, from an inner awakening to things that were always there waiting for your recognition.
April 19
This is an on-going process to find ways of integrating a 3D life with a more spiritual life. It is part of your life’s experience. And if you intend to do this, you will get assistance, good ideas in how one might develop further..
April 18
You can become aware of other dimensions in a third dimension, interact among them, developing your brain-mind abilities, communicating, giving, receiving, generating energies, healing communications.
April 17
While you have goals that move you in various directions, invite your talents, abilities, it is important how you carry out these goals, what energy your use as you connect to some degree, with all of creation.
April 16
There is a learning curve to be able to have awareness of one’s source, and the body-mind personality aspects and 3D activities. We are going through a re-conditioning process, another way to really live in this 3D world.
April 15
As one strengthens one’s personal generation of fundamental energy, one is in an open state for receiving intents, focusing on one’s life, perhaps dedicating one’s life to various activities, directions for the best benefit of all.
April 14
One can sense strengthened energy as peace, calm, Oneness, clarity, energy centers open, energy moving, fine, subtle vibrations, light and lightness, mentally expanded, brighter, wiser, closer connection to your Spirit, to your guidance.
April 13
Focus on the breath. Is it shallow, deeply, fast, slow, full, barely filled with oxygen? It is a sign post of where you are, how you are functioning, a way of alerting your conscious mind to where you wish to be primarily.
April 12
As one focuses on this energy one experiences a more holistic 3D existence, deeper, less Beta, relaxed, priorities change, perceptions are different. Life is easier, smooth and flowing, slower, more fundamental, one might say.
April 11
There is a clarity developing in our collective energy field, less fuzziness, easier movement, freer, flowing for the best benefit of all. Again, there is less density. It is easier for Spirits to connect through this energy.
April 10
In each situation you can create a collective resonance. It will depend on each participant, whether they will pick up very much of this resonance, but one can think and intend to build a collective resonance.
April 9
Strengthening your fundamental energy works with repetition, with an inner growth. You stretch, learn, grow, develop abilities. The effects are profound as one stays with it for you are transforming your lives.
April 8
With self awareness you give your small self feedback on what you are doing. You do not have blinders on limiting you. You have a more expanded sense of life. It is important because your world is challenging itself for its survival.
April 7
What reality will you live in as you live your life? Who is in charge of you? “Who are you? Your challenge is organizing a process to live to utilize your talents, abilities, brain/mind, a retrofit developing your guide book on living your life.
Apro; 6
The path we are on has an uplifting influence on other paths. It is universal, As we strengthen fundamental energy we assist others on their paths. We are activating a bridge that is already there. We are not separated, not really.
April 5
It is not a throw-away life, as many think, that it does not matter what you do, how you live, not having much affect. We assist you, you as humanity to see your lives as special, with many opportunities to stretch, expand.
April 4
For the best benefit of all means for all time – past, present, future. We are involved with these considerations, not just time, but space and beyond. Where we presently function we influence in all directions, and are influenced from all directions.
April 3
We are not separated, ever. It is an illusion providing many experiences for various pathways for learning. This experiment on your planet may seem a failure. We assure you learning is taking place, being shared, and it is useful.
April 2
While we have focused in great part in sharing this strengthened energy, there are also inputs we are receiving from other worlds, good ideas, the strengthened energy from other worlds. We are connecting more and more.
April 1
One can look back and see belief systems one held, how they changed over the years, how you learned in this reality by not being afraid to consider a new habit, path, insight, a perceived convenience - a disguised hindrance to learn.

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