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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  March 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for March, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Mar 31
There can be competition among various aspects of your personality and between them and your Spirit. So, one has the challenge of developing an inner peace, an overall identity in order to fully function in your 3D reality.
Mar 30
As one develops one’s resonance, one’s energy, one is free constriction, able to access guidance, good ideas, one’s Spirit. It is a whole different world and this whole different world is being experienced in your world.
Mar 29
We suggest setting an intent to be available for guidance, good ideas, inputs if they would be for the best benefit of all. You do not accept everything, You have a higher goal, open to assistance.
Mar 28
It is going to be through the heart center, this connection, and from there, from that balanced centered grounded place one can live an incarnated life in a more smooth and flowing spiritual kind of way.
Mar 27
Utilizing this energy involves transforming one’s life, changing our sense of our identity from a personality, a body-mind, to your eternal identity, your connectedness to the whole, functioning in a smooth and flowing manner.
Mar 26
Amidst varying energetic activities, some smooth and flowing, some …more disturbed there is the growing tendency for resonances to build, connecting creations around your world to communicate, to support one another.
Mar 25
Strengthen your ability to walk this path, strengthen your identity as your Spirit, your source, integrate personality, body-mind with your whole being, giving you the ability to utilize all of your strengths and abilities.
Mar 23
The physical being is like tuning forks. As sound reaches the body, it vibrates, activates energy generation in your physical being, including the brain, the head. You can share energies through your spoken words.
Mar 22
While you are one incarnated being, you can build a resonance effecting many in a jump-starting rippling manner. Never underestimate your effect, actively utilize this life to help create what would be for the best benefit of all.
Mar 21
Perhaps the survival instinct has been misunderstood, not taken on the intangible levels - to complete a physical life with various experiments, what one learns, creates, the contributions added to the collective consciousness.
Mar 20
We may be quiet at this time, seemingly still, we are fundamentally very enlivened. It is almost a paradox, and yet becoming quiet in your 3D world does assist becoming more enlivened in your other worlds,
Mar 19
Adopting overall goals assists in not getting lost, distracted, confused, depressed or frustrated. Your life becomes simpler in understanding, easier in making decisions. Small emotions are more secondary.
Mar 18
One’s awareness is affected by one’s Spirit, soul group, considerations for this life time before incarnating, not something your personality originated. You may sense an activity, its importance knowing it is part of your life’s purpose.
Mar 17
We join in this conscious energetic sharing. On some level this is continuous. It is just that the conscious mind is focused elsewhere to some extent. It has great affect on one’s life, the perspectives, beliefs it holds.
Mar 16
There is a sense of resonance occurring - one energy getting in sync with another, building an energy field, mutually supporting one another. This is a universal language and basically communicating - we are all One.
Mar 15
Energy strengthening is a foundation for your world’s transformation. One transforms energetically, cellularly affecting one’s whole being. Blockages, stored emotions release, modified, one’s inner world becomes more whole.
Mar 14
One may think of nourishing the Spirit with this fundamental energy and drawing it in to your daily life. You are not just a body and mind. These are important remembrances. You are creating your Spirit’s development.
Mar 13
There are possibilities in your world’s future that border on the miraculous. Do not give up hope for what you choose to do, have enthusiasm, creative abilities. You may get sensings of the future beyond your imagination.
Mar 12
Those who do not choose consideration of other creations, or the whole lose conscious connection to their Spirit, source, fundamental energy. Without that connection it is easy to be materialistic, focusing on short-term gain.
Mar 11
Each cell of one’s being has the sensory capacity to pick up on this energy and as one becomes more cellularly enlivened, one can pick up on other creations activating a resonance, a common strengthening experience.
Mar 10
One can sense the inner vibration created with one’s voice, with thoughts. If one does not have the sense of fundamental energy, one is alerted to shift gears, for one has lost, to some extent, the connection.
Mar 9
There is the priority of receptivity to assist one in guiding oneself. You are sculpting your lives, what you develop, what you hang on to, what you release or take away. Put your talents, abilities, and energy into it.
Mar 8
Imagine your strong field expanding, touching a non-uplifting energy, spreading, causing it to slip around your field. Your field moves forward, closer to the core of the other being, assisting a stronger resonance for that being.
Mar 7
We are becoming closer to our truer identity. You have intrinsically all that you need to create this transformation. You just need to implement ways of doing this. It is the “how” of living that you are particularly learning.
Mar 6
We desire to assist lives in their development consciously creating with energy in every moment, not just grand goals, but every breath, step, thought, a life powered by unconditional love for the best benefit of all.
Mar 5
Your fundamental identity is bigger than your body-mind personality being, “construct” one might say, and if one can integrate one’s fundamental being into the 3D being one can utilize this 3d opportunity more fully.
Mar 4
This world that we are building is filling your world and other worlds more and more. This is a great image to remember, to blend in with, a quiet, gentle, unconditionally loving movement is building.
Mar 3
Being able to develop one’s sense of the intangible is a great enhancement of one’s life. One can have knowingnesses, understandings, intuitions, guidance, good ideas. One can move in “time” and “space”.
Mar 2
We can blend this strengthened energy into our other activities and improve our lives. Things get easier, clearer, more guided. We build our transformed lives, an ongoing transformation. Existence is always in process.
Mar 1
We are involved with strengthening all worlds – tangible and intangible – and their relationships for each world can contribute to the others. We are involved in a giant evolution, on-going, exploring.

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