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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  February, 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for February, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Feb 28
If one is always involved with entertainments, inputs, work, 3D matters one is handicapped. It is as simple as that. If you do not provide for opportunities that go deeper, what can you expect? What can a society expect?
Feb 27
We are moving toward a greater integration of living with this strengthened energy and the abilities that it facilitates, not only in this more meditative state but in all other states as well. It is our personal transformation.
Feb 26
As things become more disintegrated, they become clearer, illusion melts, understanding deeper truths is possible. This is the upside of the downside, an education through experience.
Feb 25
We are working with you, your world through this connecting process, and you are connecting with our world as well. This is not so focused upon, but it is, in a true connection, going both ways. We present ourselves as equal and this provides a relationship that is mutually supportive.
Feb 24
One could consciously think of sending this energy into the next activity to continue to sense it. We are exploring possibilities. For us the sensing of this energy is so strong that we do not forget it. It is always a part of our activities.
Feb 23
Becoming more conscious of your energy enables you to become more conscious overall. You will have distance from your everyday activities, a bird's eye view, and then you have greater understandings on your life, your choices, your energy.
Feb 22
Surface experiences are transient. They come and they go. However, it is going to make a difference whether one becomes attached to them, and whether one attaches various small emotions to them.
Feb 21
When you can achieve a resonance of fundamental energy many things can happen, extraordinary things, in fact. This goes beyond your five senses into another realm, a realm of great potential whenever you explore it and activate it.
Feb 20
A mind can resonate as well as a physical being. When this happens there is a peaceful flowing of thought, verbal expression. Good ideas come. One is not filled with doubt, confusion, fear. There is a kind of knowingness accompanying one’s thoughts.
Feb 19
It might be useful to intentionally organize oneself to perhaps each hour do something to strengthen one’s personal generation of fundamental energy in an intent, in a mini-meditation/energization, in whatever creative manner one desires.
Feb 18
Often, confusion, distress arise from lack of communication, of miscommunication. Many attempted communications stop with misunderstandings. This points up continuing communication until understanding is reached.
Feb 17
As one becomes more integrated internally one does not have energy drained off in small emotions, activities not promoting the development of oneself. One becomes more efficient in utilizing one’s resources.
Feb 16
To maintain one’s sense of peace and calm, maintain one’s sense of one’s center. This is the real “you”, the fundamental part of your existence. You always have this to draw upon in any incarnated life.
Feb 15
As one thinks of water, food and air to nourish oneself, one can think of energy, a basic nourishment. So we are becoming more aware of our lives, more consistent in maintaining this strengthened understanding of who we are.
Feb 14
We do not primarily consider ourselves extraterrestrial, nor do we consider you primarily as Earthlings. We happen to be where we happen to be in space, but that does not define us fundamentally.
Feb 13
Going into a new avenue one may have a sense of jumping off a cliff. You are not without any patterns to draw on. Your conscious mind has not made connections yet. It flounders. If it opens to guidance, it may get good ideas.
Feb 12
To strengthen this fundamental energy goes beyond connecting with your Spirit. We are thinking of the Oneness, the source. It is a jump to comprehend the whole of existence, but we like to keep stretching your conscious mind.
Feb 11
Your essential you doesn’t look like your vehicle, doesn’t think like your vehicle. It comes from another realm. We are in a transition, this integration of our Spirit into our Earthly reality, transforming human vehicles into a fuller potential.
Feb 10
As this energy flows out from us, we create an area, a field around ourselves that is more open, more available to our Spirit. And as this energy moves out, others can feel this too, another aspect of this energy field and its affect.
Feb 9
If you could imagine a past life as an inanimate creation, and move forward into an animate one, you would have a clearer sense of what creation has brought you in this lifetime, not take so much for granted or feel so superior.
Feb 8
Set an intent to integrate your 3D inputs with your energetic, spiritual inputs alerting all parts of your being to support this goal. This really connects you to a larger reality and the possibility of incorporating it into this 3D life.
Feb 7
Your sense of your identity is going to change. You will gain freedom from past experiences, belief systems, prejudices, judgments, for you will gain distance, larger perspectives of your past experiences in this life time.
Feb 6
You may want to reset thoughts, place them in another framework, not abandon then totally, but take another perspective. You have choice. You can strengthen your fundamental energy, fill yourselves, fill your thoughts, fill your world.
Feb 5
Now the value of being able to sense this energy is that it reconnects you, consciously, to your Spirit. We are helping you be aware that your everyday life can be enhanced to a great degree, more than you have ever thought possible.
Feb 4
You have choice, it is an option. In the sense of your world’s survival, transformation it may not seem like such an option. We are presenting a serious perspective not to frighten you but to continually awaken you.
Feb 3
It is part of learning to go through this back-and-forth way of living. You are changing as you are able to. You are re-setting yourselves as you are able to. And you know that this is a natural process of changing one’s life.
Feb 2
A mind needs guidance to function in a more uplifting, unconditionally loving manner. This is somewhat like “pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps” for you need your mind, to some extent to change your mind.
Feb 1
To understand an experience involving words stretch beyond one’s linear mind. We are involved with a broad experience using inner and outer senses, of light, sound, vibration, unconditional love, awesomeness.

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