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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  January 2010

The table below contains the energy-building messages for January, 2010. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Jan 31
All is One -- connected, interacting, affecting one another and the Whole. There is no part left out, as we understand it. It is a mutually developing Whole that we are involved with, ever-changing.
Jan 30
Using one’s inner senses one can sense a greater peace, calm and connectedness occurring, a filling with this energy as more creations contribute, an ability to experience unconditional love, and to strengthen it for the best benefit of all.
Jan 29
You are involved with a personal transformation. Your body, mind, your lifetime will not be taken for granted, it will be appreciated to develop your personal spiritual experience and a collective Earthly experience,
Jan 28
Your world has a collective energy field not separated from other fields, but concentrated in your world and has great influence upon your world. We desire to help this field shift into greater resonance with fundamental energy.
Jan 27
When you meet other beings and they are on a different wavelength, through this practice of continual strengthening from within, one can maintain one’s gain, so to speak, and send it out.
Jan 26
Your mind can always set intents for you to live in ways that are for the best benefit of all. And you do not need to know all of the details, or all the fields involved. You can play your part, contribute your energy, assist the whole.
Jan 25
Intend to awaken oneself more and more each day producing a way of living with peace, more abilities, wisdom, health. We are going for a general upliftment of our lives, of our worlds, of all of existence to some extent.
Jan 24
We are relating to different levels of consciousness to have a more integrated process of one’s being, having a personal collective that is focused on common goals, not at odds with one another within oneself.
Jan 23
If what you see in your world seems on another wavelength, look more deeply, Find that level of commonality which is for the best benefit of all, and assist in jump-starting that level. It is always possible.
Jan 22
It is smooth and flowing, this process, no static, an ease of movement, energies, thoughts. Our body, mind, and Spirit function in a fluid, way. One may not notice this because it is so comfortable, our natural way of functioning.
Jan 21
One’s fundamental connections are always available. They strengthen with one’s intent, breathing, desire for this connection. Connecting through fundamental energy is possible to all creations for it is the common energy.
Jan 20
Understanding that one is a part of the whole brings one to a different life style. Many understand this intellectually but they have not yet felt it from within, expanded their body-mind enough to incorporate their Spirit more.
Jan 19
We feel pleasure in blending our energy with this collective field. It is our way of living, to know this strengthened field is assisting ourselves, our worlds, and other worlds as well, a big picture, the one we sense the most.
Jan 18
The strength of a creation comes from within basically. Although you may see confusion on the outside, what is most important is the growing strengthening on the inside. Eventually it will be reflected on the outside as well.
Jan 17
We come from a place with a large overview. It may not be the ultimate goal, but it is a very high goal. We give you a foundation to enhance all other activities. We give you support, inspiration and jump-starting energy …to go for it.
Jan 16
There is always time to have an awakening, a development beyond ordinary 3D life. We as cheerleaders give you a jump-start to create more of your potential in this world, a great empowerment releasing great abilities and wisdom.
Jan 15
We are on a life-enhancing path, not just to develop the usual considerations for a loving life. It is where one senses connecting to other creations. Separations dissolve giving one a different view of 3D existence, an expanded life style.
Jan 14
This is your basic way of life. You do not have to hunt in special places or wait for surprise experiences. You can develop them from within on a regular basis. You have a generating capacity of energy and thought. always with you.
Jan 13
Your body is your generator providing a vehicle for your fundamental energy to express itself in material form, a vibrational light form. It is a powerhouse for nourishment of your physical and mental being. It is a fine-tuned system.
Jan 12
To use the mind with visions has a powerful affect. You combine your energy and visions for your world for its best benefit. A vision that is powered by this energy will begin to create and bring forth a movement toward these visions.
Jan 11
There are extraterrestrial beings gathering to assist with the transformation of your world and their world, a cooperative effort. Humans, your Earth and other creations upon your Earth are fine generators transforming. There are changes occurring.
Jan 10
Be active in creating your life, starting from the inside out, to develop one’s abilities, many possibilities you have yet to explore. Life can be a great adventure if one puts oneself fully into it, using one’s energy as the overall source.
Jan 9
We sense there is light in everything including that which may appear to be dark. From an energetic point of view, one will see them as bright or faint, always with light. To call something “dark” is a poor description of what may be happening.
Jan 8
We are going through a process of figuring out how to integrate this more spiritual energetic side of ourselves into the 3D side of ourselves. It is not going to be the same for every creation for this is very process-oriented.
Jan 7
Be responsible for what you are doing with your body, mind and Spirit, to not drift, be conscious, deliberate, do what you can to develop yourselves. It just requires practice, intent, desire. Your energy will follow these intents.
Jan 6
How does one know one’s Spirit? Think of coming from the heart. One can intend to interact more with one’s Spirit. One can intend to have a bird's eye view of one’s world, seeing your life from your Spirit’s point of view.
Jan 5
Our energy, our Spirit, powers our lives. To get to know one’s Spirit gives one a larger view of oneself, a different perspective on one’s body and mind. They are the tools that the Spirit can use in this 3D opportunity.
Jan 4
Your Earth itself is stepping up various parts of its being. It is all coming to a head. We cannot predict exactly how this will play out, but it will not be business as usual as we see it. Change must come for a transformation to occur.
Jan 3
Have confidence in your inner awareness, and share that with your world. It is all having a positive effect. You might feel you are the center of your universe, because you are connected to its source. It is a fine foundation to live from.
Jan 2
This is the basic transformation, to be a conduit for this energy, this source of our being, bringing it in to this world, greater degree. We may think of ourselves as “energy builder”, which supports all activities that you choose.
Jan 1
We encouraging you to several times a day state your desire to live in a way that would be for the best benefit of all. It is a worthy intent and will benefit by repetition, reinforcement.

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