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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  December 2009

The table below contains the energy-building messages for December, 2009. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Dec 30
It is part of our goal to help humanity make contact not only with their Spirit, but to others in this universe who can be of assistance to help a transformation of your world, and in turn a transformation of other worlds.
Dec 29
What is beneath the surface of you? If you go deeply enough, you will come to this place of peace. It is another clue assisting you. If you do not have the sense of peace, go deeper. Keep going. It is always there.
Dec 28
Consider one’s surroundings in a different light, that you can join other creations within your space. On an energetic level we are connected. We are developing resonances that are life-enhancing, assisting our transformation.
Dec 27
Being able to sense this energy field gives us consciously greater understanding of this reality, a reality that is ongoing from lifetime to lifetime. We are getting to know our fundamental selves more through this process.
Dec 26
This is a process way of living, giving, loving. As more contribute in this manner, probabilities shift, possibilities are created. If one thinks of making each moment full, you appreciate it, learn from it, build a world that is transformed.
Dec 25
Material things can be useful, but these are not substitutes for real connection, appreciation, compassion, understanding, nurturing, or unconditional love, or let’s say respect for individual paths in this Oneness.
Dec 24
Perhaps we have made a breakthrough to another level of this energy field continuing to evolve in a 3D world with increased energy - a good sign that we have come this far. We continue to another level for the best benefit of all.
Dec 23
This strong energy foundation is unshakable in carrying you along, to help you find next steps. If one never gives oneself the opportunity for these experiences, one will skim the surface, not realize the depth of one’s being.
Dev 22
One has a stronger awareness of the whole as one senses the stepped-up energy, the opening of the heart center, and the greater sense of unconditional love that flows out. There is a greater sense of connection.
Dec 21
Through this process of generating this fundamental energy we have a glimpse of how we can combine our spiritual self and our 3D body/mind self. We have awareness of both in this process. It can be done.
Dec 20
We are suggesting that you can tune into subtle vibrations, resonances strengthening your world from within. Your world has a center, a coming together of many creations building a momentum, a resonance.
Dec 19
When one feels this sense of peace, Oneness, one has a knowingness of possibilities, of a vision of where we are headed. We assist one another in this energetic process, your most natural activity using your mind, body, and Spirit.
Dec 18
The most meaningful way one can communicate is through energy, through the way one is living. Words are assisting, but only a part of the message. As you live a more spiritual life, you become a stronger teacher.
Dec 17
The more aware you are of your basic energy, the less aware you will be of draining energies. You will not be totally unaware, but you will have some distance from these other realities. They will not be holding you back.
Dec 15
Sharing strengthened energy will help your world in the most powerful way. Fields of energy intermix. We are speaking of the intangible, although one’s finer senses pick up awareness. This energy can guide one’s life if desired.
Dec 14
Strengthening this energetic part of your lives assists 3D worlds, and non-3D worlds, enhances one’s 3D life this time around, and prepares for the next time, assisting transitions from one lifetime to another, to all possibilities as we know them.
Dec 13
There is a longing for a kind of spiritual nourishment in one’s life, a spiritual connection to one’s source, to other creations, and this strengthening of our generation of fundamental energy helps to develop that nourishment.
Dec 12
Your energy is powering you, an interesting way to travel. One can use a visualization of this greater experience as you move deeper within yourselves, a pathway to vastness, beyond your external field, so to speak.
Dec 11
On the surface it seems there are many paths; if one goes deeply enough, you find it is all the same path. One could say it is just a matter of time, experience, and understanding for these paths to converge. We would agree.
Dec 10
One utilizes this energy for deeper states of consciousness, connecting more deeply with one’s Spirit. One may ask for assistance to carry out an intent, a subtle dialogue. We encourage you in your process to develop your solutions.
Dec 8
You are creators of your lives. You may not control all parts of an experience, but you control your part. Each experience is like a surprise package. You can open it, examine it, experience it, and learn from it as you choose.
Dec 7
One can have a sense of floating in this energy, that each cell of one’s being is immersed in this uplifting resonance. The boundaries of one’s physical being become blurred. One is free to flow and float in this version of the Oneness.
Dec 6
Your world, to some extent, is functioning upside-down. Imagine a world where what one would like to live. We indeed stress process. If you develop uplifting processes, then your world will indeed transform.
Dec 5
We would like to see disclosure. We will not go on television to go at this in such 3D terms. We are on a different path, different goals initially. Our focus is on energy, the building and effect of it. It is a contact from within,
Dec 4
It may look as though extremes will never meet, but that may not be how it will all play out. You may find that inside these creations that are creating these bouncing energies, so to speak, there is also a shift taking place.
Dec 3
The personality may not understand what is happening, but every part of your being has some knowingness, for one feels more enlivened, empowered, able to function in this more uplifting manner than one usually finds oneself in.
Dec 1
We are getting into a very basic process here, not taking very much time, not needing any money, just intent and awareness, and this progressive development.

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