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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  November 2009

The table below contains the energy-building messages for November, 2009. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Nov. 30
To live with your activities and have a sense of your fundamental self and fundamental energy is part of your new life style. However the old patterns remain strong, and if one is not clear in intent, focus, one can lose oneself in the 3D world …again.
Nov. 29
As one gains clarity in one’s energy field it has a transformative effect, a different sense of one’s identity, moving away from “ego”, parts of the personality, toward one’s Spirit, towards the overview, the bird's eye view of this incarnated life.
Nov. 28
Experience is required \to have understanding of your new lifestyle. You will have to stretch for you\ have a ways to go to \function in an unconditionally loving manner. These experiences that we do together strengthen a resonance like a beacon to guide you.
Nov. 27
You can interact with other beings, on-planet and off-planet, in a more balanced manner. It is important to remain equal in the universe. You are a valued creation. You need to have a sense of self-worth to move ahead, to interact, learn,, work together with others.
Nov. 25
Perhaps one is moving toward making a meditation out of everything. What perspectives can one use as one lives each moment that strengthens this idea of living from your deepest place, a kind of meditative place?
Nov. 24
Going deeper one is going to sense one’s fundamental energy, more from one’s Spirit, from the Oneness ultimately. This sensing is peace, calm, Oneness with unconditional love, a smooth and flowing way to feel, to be. It is your ultimate guide to your life
Nov. 23
The stronger one has developed one’s inner generation of energy, the easier it is to hold one’s center, and other energies move away. They do not resonate...Your inner stronger energy field will protect you from these other energies.
Nov. 22
If you choose to judge, to cultivate negative small emotions, so to speak, you will unwittingly be disabling yourselves. Stay clear on what you are doing, how you are doing it, how we encourage you to take care in how you play your part.
Nov. 20
Although, there are chaotic moments, one has a secure base from which to live, to hold one’s connection to one’s source. One has a sense of lightness, appreciation, enthusiasm, a desire to create for the best benefit of all.
Nov. 19
We are cultivating the basic part of one’s being. This is the process we’re involved with, why we are doing this. It gives every part of creation a jump-start in developing itself in moving toward a more unconditionally loving life.
Nov. 17
One might ask a question to a communication to have a communication with one’s Spirit more often, that you desire to practice developing a process that will draw in your Spirit to your life in some uplifting manner.
Nov. 16
Receiving guidance from your Spirit with a large view of you, your world, your past, your present, perhaps your future, gives you great assistance. You are not so stumbling around in the dark. Life becomes more meaningful, understandable, optimistic, interesting.
Nov. 15
To live a “spiritual life” one needs to be connected to Spirit, taking one’s life to another level, One’s identity stretches to include more of one’s Spirit not be so attached to one’s personality, body, mind, various belief systems, preferences.
Nov. 14
This path that we are on promotes self-awareness, and you can make conscious choices rather than run on past patterns. Your growth will involve stretching, creating new patterns, new understandings and awarenesses.
Nov. 13
You have what you desire, ultimately, to be able to sense Oneness, to work together for a common purpose, to assist one another – all of this is present in each reality. It is a matter of tuning in, to understanding.
Nov. 12
Your complex personality can go in all directions, and so you are guiding it, giving it the opportunity to move in a more uplifting manner, for it often functions on automatic pilot, no thinking, no decision. It just happens.
Nov. 11
As one can sense a blowing wind, one can sense a flowing energy. The difference is one seems to be from the outside, the other from the inside. Often one is absorbed in the outer senses and misses the input from the inner senses.
Nov. 10
There is a reciprocity occurring. It isn’t just that your Spirit gives to your 3D experience, assists it with, good ideas, unconditional love energy. It is also that your body-mind personality 3D experience is giving to your Spirit.
Nov. 9
This is a cooperative development with each creation determining its part in this transformation. Some will start one way then go another way. Some will stay frozen. Some will keep evolving, learning, contributing All of these scenarios will play out.
Nov. 8
You learn from experience. To think of giving rather than getting, uplifting thoughts spoken or telepathically shared, to consider experience as a process not a product, moving, ever-changing, seeing it as an opportunity is an assist.
Nov. 7
If one develops one’s spiritual side, the strengthening of abilities - telepathy, future time, other abilities, it gets easier to figure out how to create a society that is supportive of all beings. Many paths are walked to transformation. They all fit together.
Nov. 6
We are helping creations, infusing them with the sense of Oneness, stretching the identity, feeling connected to all creation in another way, perhaps more light, kinesthetic sensation, an increase in the heart center.
Nov. 5
You will blend the Spirit’s bird's eye view and your personality’s aspects’ views of your reality, have a sense of both, and it will assist. It is easier not to take the personality’s view so seriously when you have another view blended in.
Nov. 3
Do your inner work to progress. There’s no shortcut. Set this as an intent, and not be distracted by various phenomenon in your 3D world. What is beyond your 3D world awaits you, and you can incorporate much more into your lives.
Nov. 2
This path builds a foundation in energy, ideas, even in small emotions complementary to this fundamental energy, enthusiasm, renewal, upliftment, hope, caring for one another, one’s environment, other creatures
Nov. 1
We speak words to flow with this energy field. Words have energy and blend with this basic field. It is a different way to use words. The generation of fundamental energy is primary, and the words are secondary, flowing with this primary energy.

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