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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  October 2009

The table below contains the energy-building messages for October, 2009. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Oct. 31
We also are gaining in the strengthening of our fundamental energy, We are developing, learning, expanding our abilities, our awareness. This is not a path of having arrived, more of a flowing, growing, enlivening kind of experience.
Oct 30
Flexibility is useful to release old behavior patterns no longer serving you well. You do not have to change immediately. Bit by bit you gain insights into how to love differently, trust more in your very fundamental identity to carry your life.
Oct. 29
The experiment is not being done as it was originally planned. It has gotten derailed. Your senses are delighted with various inputs and the idea of integrating more tangible parts of your lives with the intangible is not realized.
Oct. 27
We are attempting to integrate the fundamental reality with the surface reality of your 3D world. Your 3D world is not just 3D, the surface structure. It is deep beyond the surface very connected to other realities.
Oct. 26
What you sense in a stronger and stronger way will begin to materialize as though one breathes life into a vision and can sense living in that vision. Cultivating this sense brings you closer. More will develop as you continue this process.
Oct. 25
There are in-between creations from thought to the more tangible form of existence “transition creations” separate from the intangible or the tangible. They are part of an on-going developing process that moves from the intangible to the tangible
Oct. 24
There is a building, optimistic opportunity present for you, and many on the sidelines assisting for the best benefit of all. Think in a positive, idealistic manner, opening yourselves, your abilities, your guidance to see what you can create.
Oct. 23
We have a more cohesive body, mind, Spirit nourished with our fundamental energy, greater mental awareness, physical fitness, access to our Spirit ready to build societal structures that assist functioning in an uplifting manner to other creations.
Oct 22
It is not the last frontier to reach the understanding of ET life. It is a stretch, yes, but there is another frontier that is most life enhancing, most supportive of interactions among various beings, among various creations of all kinds.
Oct. 20
The more challenged you are, the more assistance you will receive, for you will be very focused, motivated, aware, desirous of assistance. These things will promote your ability to contribute to your world in its ongoing transformation.
Oct. 19
Strengthen your connection to Spirit guidance, soul group, those available to you to assist you, for there are times when one needs inputs in one’s decisions. Strengthening one’s receptive abilities is another very basic activity.
Oct. 18
One may imagine that mainly humanoid beings are the primary creators of this energy, There are many creations involved, even your planet. We promote equality encouraging creations to assist one another, become more part of the whole now.
Oct. 17
We do see progress. We do see more light in your world. There may be areas of what could be called darkness, but they too have their light that continues to increase.
Oct. 16
Including ET beings in one’s view of life brings shifts in one’s belief systems. There are many more inventions, technologies to consider. There is the use of psychic abilities and more of your natural abilities.
Oct. 15
Each ceil of your being, fills itself with this energy, and sends it out over and over again, then, as you look out, you have a filling of worlds, of what seems to be empty space, of this energy. It is an energetic world that you live in.
Oct. 13
If you could see fundamental energy in your world you would have a different sense of creations. 3D structures would not be so interesting as the energetic structures. Everything is connected energetically always.
Oct. 12
It is not that any one of us or any group of us have arrived. There is always more. Jump-starting one another present for every creation. We encourage each being to develop their energies, goals, intents to assist the whole.
Oct. 11
The challenge comes when one is faced with past patterns. You have access to so many inputs. It is a changing of one’s focus, that the inner energy, Spirit part of oneself is dominant, You will have guidance living an aware life.
Oct. 10
Basically there is no separation. We are all transforming simultaneously. We influence you. You influence us. Others influence us. We influence them. If one has a big enough picture, it is the whole influencing the whole.
Oct. 9
K This process we are involved with is coming from within, strengthening you, your basic fundamental energy. Having separated to some extend from your Spirit, coming into this 3D Earthly life, you now have a new beginning in this lifetime.
Oct. 8
As your world becomes less balanced it comes closer to change. The balance literally tips over. Those who have balance within remain somewhat balanced as they continue this 3D challenge. Those who do not will have a challenging time.
Oct. 7
When you focus on process, what you intend, and come more from the heart than the head, it is easier to connect to other creations, to what is for the best benefit of all. Build this process to a strength which minimizes past influences, allow them to fade.
Oct. 6
One does not need to understand each bodily process, mental process to realize that there is greater ease in how it functions, greater access to one’s Spirit, good ideas. We are on our way to produce this inner transformation.
Oct. 5
As you are able to develop your natural inner senses you can comfortably stay in your 3D activities, and stretch, connect to worlds beyond your 3D perception, not traveling somewhere, but including other realities in this one.
Oct. 4
This on-going activity helps us shift our lifestyle to a more connected manner, connected to our fundamental energy, Spirit, one another, our worlds, not so reliant on simple sensory inputs, participating in more subtle realities.
Oct. 3
From an energetic point of view one can tell whether one is in a centered balanced place, connecting to their fundamental energy, or whether they are in a somewhat confused, more self-serving kind of place.
Oct. 2
There is information in energy fields, not just light or vibration, another type of telepathy sending a variety of energy possibilities, packages of energy with potential. One may draw upon these energy packages as one has a need.
Oct. 1
You are participating in your world as less of a 3D being. As you involve your Spirit more, your connection to others more you will be living an uplifted 3D life with more energy for more significant, uplifting activities.

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