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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  September 2009

The table below contains the energy-building messages for September, 2009. Two files are available for each session: 

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both.  Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4.

To receive each new message by email, please contact us

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Sept. 30
Intend to have greater perception of your world’s essence, to strengthen that essence, as you strengthen your own essence. Use visualization, light, sense the brightening, expanding of light, kinesthetic vibration and resonance with light.
Sept. 29
Many know that those of other worlds are interacting, involved with your development, as you are with their development. It is a graduation to move from concern about oneself, to family, planet, cosmos and beyond.
Sept. 28
We are communicating on many level, telepathically, energetically, continuously. One’s senses may perceive intermittently; depending upon the outer senses or the inner senses, or the stretching of senses.
Sept. 27
We sense this energy field is strengthening. We are becoming more in harmony with one another, our environments, air, Earth, sky, water. This energy field draws us together, draws the ability out to work cooperatively.
Sept. 26
One gains a transformed state through this process. One experiences 3D reality differently. The heart chakra opens more, filling, sharing, giving, receiving, an awesome, profound way to live, and we move toward that.
Sept. 25
While thoughts and intents are very useful in the creative process, the basic energy strengthening is in itself moving your world toward this transformation. It is a natural result in a world that is fed unconditional love.
Sept. 24
This is your life school. Each class offers you some insights, opportunities. Sometimes you play it out more than one way. You see how you influence your experience, how you learn through an accelerated self-aware process.
Sept. 23
There are beings who are feeling conflicted. They have this opportunity to rethink, rededicate their lives, choose some superordinant goals to guide them. You may offer support. It is an opportunity all the way around.
Sept. 22
Every experience that you have has many levels. You can become conscious of them. They are not so hard to reach. We speak, you listen. We share energy. In a sense, we merge. We bring our body mind Spirits together.
Sept. 21
Well, we have an understanding in the meditative part of our lives. We have the desire to carry it over. We continue practicing and shifting lifelong habits to this more comfortable, peaceful, uplifting, creative place.
Sept. 20
There are larger groupings that gain resonance, insights, visions, momentum to create, to mutually support those within and beyond the group. This activity has truth about it, is self-evident, keeps developing.
Sept. 19
You are a part of a larger picture beyond your body mind Spirit, offering you support, guidance, uplifting energy, the sense that you are not alone. You are carried by the whole when you are open and connected to it.
Sept. 18
As one looks at energy fields one can see a difference, for those who are devolving becoming fainter and those who are becoming more evolving becoming brighter and stronger. This invisible world reveals a great deal.
Sept. 17
There are connections to the universe. The space between is not empty, we build these supporting, interactive connections, for as we give, we receive, and what we receive has value - insights, wisdom, support in various ways.
Sept. 15
To connect to this field as a whole with conscious awareness is going to be, to some extent, to step into another reality. It is possible, to gain more a sense of the whole, a sense of our true identity, the true identity of others.
Sept. 12
You are creators. If you do not, you fall short of this 3D opportunity. You are giving of yourselves, your energies, insights, in whatever you do, a conversation, a look, a thought. Take care. Be unconditionally loving.
Sept. 11
We are all connected, really one process. Our conscious focus at times will be selective. Remember the whole. Remember the vast energy that connects us all - this increasing, uplifting, unconditionally loving essence of ourselves.
Sept. 10
You are to live a life that is not a repeat of past experiences, a life that keeps developing, expanding, allowing you to be assisted and to assist others, a life that is not drifting, a life that is active, developing more abilities.
Sept. 8
If you transform yourselves, your world will transform. Perhaps you are sensing it more deeply with more understanding, that you actually can do this. They are not just words. It is a workable process.
Sept. 7
How much of the time are you in a place of peace, calm, Oneness, upliftment? These are goals that will assist you. Life gets easier the more one travels this path...a 3D life becomes a transformed 3D life.
Sept. 6
Unconditionally love is involved with process. One can offer assistance which may not be utilized at a given time, as a being learns in their way. Unconditional offerings connect to others, connection gives the sense of love for another being.
Sept. 6
Your personal process gives you understanding. We are encouraging you, inspiring you, setting an example in words, thoughts, energy, so you know this does exist, and you can envelop yourselves within this reality.
Sept. 5
Real understanding comes through experience. And this comes gradually, in a steady progression allowing the utilization of greater amounts of this energy without crashing, not overwhelming you but helping you to develop.
Sept. 4
By considering what would be for the best benefit of all, we orient ourselves to a life that is giving, unconditionally loving, interconnected, mutually supportive, a larger framework than just our incarnated life.
Sept. 3
It is important to set intents of what you wish to focus on to assist, and to be receptive for good ideas. This takes some time, focus, sensitivity for receiving guidance, good ideas, visions that come into your mind.
Sept. 1
Change comes through your energy field, your mind – thoughts, intents, perspectives, compassion, and your Spirit that brings wisdom, good ideas, and fills you with unconditional love energy for the best benefit of all.

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