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Individual Topics
Contacting Enlightened Guidance

  OCTOBER, 2008

The table below contains the energy-building messages for October, 2008. Two files are available for each session:

  • An audio file of the message from The Ones (column 2); and

  • A transcript of the message from The Ones and some integrating discussion after the meditation (column 3).

You can either listen to the audio file, read the transcript, or both. Microsoft Word is required to read the transcripts. A brief summary of the key ideas for each day's session (if available) is given in column 4 .

To receive each new message by email, please contact us.

Audio Files
Key Ideas
Oct 31
Remember this sense of connection, perhaps awe, that you are a part of something wonderful. You are here to assist in a transformation, internally and outwardly. Even those who seem to be taking steps back are involved.
Oct 30
Intend to strengthen this energy field throughout your day. Your world’s crisis has been building for centuries. We have participated in this evolution for lifetimes. Now we are in a place that offers transformation.
Oct 28
Your left-brain mind is going to function differently, from a broader base, more cooperative. Your identity is going to expand be less defensive, protective, attached to smaller views. Your Spirit will be more involved.
Oct 27
Entwined with this energy, we are fluid, interactive with creations, creating “building blocks” for the whole. This repeated process gives parts of our being constant guidance to gradually shift, changing the 3D structure of our being.
Oct 26
One’s personality aspects need to be alerted to their role, of activities that are in keeping with your life’s purposes, then your ability to generate this energy will increase.
Oct 25
We are supporting this unconditional love in the world, a dedication, understanding all creations as one with an intermixing flow from one to another. You live a dual life, of apparent separateness and connectedness.
Oct 24
We are forming a group identity as we share this resonance. This will be multiplied in your world. Not all groups are formal yet this exponential effect does take place. We are giving them a boost.
Oct 21
You will interweave your perspectives so it is not an all or nothing kind of existence. The busy world seems so demanding. How you interact with it, what kind of attention you give it, is what will truly change you and your world.
Oct 20
You will have greater sensings of connections to other creations, animate, inanimate. You understand being part of oneness, and have something unique to contribute to the oneness. Figure out what part you will play.
Oct 19
You have within you a variety of resonances, of responses, to this acceleration stimulation, a small world within yourselves that is developing exponentially. a moving, changing, being, not in a pigeon hole, in a flow.
Oct 17
We encourage you to step it up, not drift. It’s time to create, assist oneself and one’s world. You will become more empowered so you will be able to meet whatever opportunities have come to you in this lifetime.
Oct 16
Intend to maintain this strengthened energy throughout the day, to quickly shift out of small emotions and return to fundamental energy, or unconditional love energy. Life will change on your planet with such an exponential strengthening.
Oct 14
It is not your story, it is their story why there is not this large ship, there may be good reasons. You can create your own story if you feel this is important. Send your invitation, your desire, your fundamental energy.
Oct 13
Contact has the potential of assisting your world when it is in crisis, not that other beings are going to fix you, you are going to expand to fix yourselves A cosmic paradigm shift will help to equalize “power” in your world.
Oct 12
There is contact in many ways using both inner and outer senses, having a more holistic connection with other creations whether they are extraterrestrial, animal, plant, animate, inanimate, near or far, small or large.
Oct 11
This prediction has brought forth this idea of contact, it is time, it would be helpful. A sighting is an opening step. There will be many who can telepathically communicate with many others, on-planet and off-planet.
Oct 10
Contact is a major experience taking your Earthly perspectives to another level. Parts of your being may be comfortable, other parts might not be comfortable. Be patient with oneself, you are complex, many-faceted.
Oct 9
October 14th There is a momentum building for contact. The effect of this is beyond words, life-changing. Stay alert in the on-going months for such an event – or more than one.
Oct 7
You affect the whole, not a small thing. Many are contributing to the strengthening of this field, the basis of all of creation, jump-starting other creations with a gentle subtle, supportive, kind of connection.
Oct. 6
This foundation, brings you to a place of peace, radiating out and in, an unconditionally loving mode, for peace involves unconditional love. Your energy field will be purer, clearer, stronger. Relationships will change.
Oct. 5
Generating this source energy is one of the most powerful supportive things one can do. It’s been our key to regaining our lives after losing our balance, our planet. You humans face challenges on your planet, we see the parallel
Oct. 4
You will gain in your abilities, to know more about your present lives, the future, past, other worlds. Those less engaged with this energy, more separated, will weaken. You can assist them.
Oct. 3
We gain in this enlivening of ourselves and our 3D world. This 3D life becomes more 3D, less “flatland.” One is more engaged, interactive, with this 3D world.

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