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Contacting Enlightened Guidance


The Ones are a collective of highly evolved beings in an extra-terrestrial
costume - as they have put it.  In their history, they destroyed their planet and searched for ways to live which would be  life-supporting.  They discovered the fundamental energy of existence, which they call unconditional love.  Through their increase in the generation of this fundamental energy in their world, they changed the dominant energy that they use to live their daily lives, and as a result their society developed more for the best benefit of all.

They have interacted with humans for many years with the goal of assisting us in living an integrated life, body/mind/Spirit, to be able to recreate our Earthly world in a more unconditionally loving way.  They have stressed equality and are offering assistance, primarily in jump-starting energy and developing new perspectives, so that we can become more empowered, using more of our abilities, potential, and unconditional love.


We are at a time of crisis and opportunity in our world and it is clear that we must do something if we are to survive.  The Ones have described humans and the Earth itself as being fine generators having the potential of shifting the energy here so that the fundamental, unconditional love energy is the dominant energy.  In doing this we will also assist other worlds with similar challenges - helping to jump-start them as The Ones are helping to jump-start us.

The strengthening of this energy helps us to function more as an integrated body/mind/Spirit with our Spirit, our fundamental self, being the primary guide in our lives.  Because we live primarily as a body, or a mind, or a body/mind, and not as an integrated body/mind/Spirit, we do not see how everything in life is connected and this is a fundamental reason we, as humans. are having our present challenges.


Georgia connected with The Ones telepathically in 2003.  She had been on a journey of social action projects and metaphysical pursuits.  The Ones are part of her soul group and connected primarily with energy and secondarily with thoughts/words and some imagery. The energy, the sense of unconditional love, was felt  in the heart chakra initially and then in other energy centers.

The ongoing dialogues with The Ones were so inspiring and motivational that she wanted to share some of her experiences to encourage others to connect with their guidance.  Her book "Contacting Your Enlightened Guidance" (in preparation) is the story of the first year of her experience.


The energy building experiences began in 2006 as "playing" with the energy to see what could be experientially learned.   In 2007, a group began meeting formally, almost daily, to strengthen the generation of the fundamental energy here on Earth, in the cosmos, and beyond.  This is a joint project with The Ones and others, on-planet and off-planet beings.  After the energy building meditations, The Ones share their messages.  A guided meditation by The Ones is available in audio and transcript form, along with their explanation for doing this energy building meditation. The messages are also available in transcript and audio form on the monthly page links.


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